This release was issued under a previous government.

“Alberta is the fastest growing province in Canada, both economically and in terms of the increasing numbers of people that are choosing to call our province home.

“While the growing numbers of Albertans have helped contribute to our province’s prosperity, it has also placed increasing pressures on our health care system as there are more people looking for doctors, and accessing services such as hospital emergency rooms and drug benefit programs.

“Over the past few years, Alberta has made its position on federal health transfers very clear to Ottawa - that our province requires a fiscal arrangement that recognizes the challenges of a growing population by ensuring that health transfers are made using a per capita calculation, which prioritizes funding based on population.

“In yesterday’s budget address, Ottawa answered those calls and effective this year our province will see an increase of nearly $1 billion in our health transfers from Canada. This arrangement is fair as it recognizes our needs and obligations and it has been a long-time coming.

“Moving forward, Alberta will continue to advocate on a number of issues that require the federal government’s attention, such as the need for a national drug program.”