This release was issued under a previous government.

The draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan proposes new conservation areas and environmental limits, protects the water supply and provides clarity about land use and access.

Albertans can provide feedback on the draft plan through an online workbook or by attending one of 21 community sessions, beginning November 5 in Crowsnest Pass and Taber.

“Southern Alberta is diverse, vibrant and prosperous, but its rapid growth has increased pressure on sensitive lands and water resources. The regional plan will advance our conservation efforts, including water supply protection, strengthen communities and enable greater stewardship efforts with landowners, farmers and ranchers, and our many stakeholders, while respecting individual property rights.”

- Diana McQueen, Stewardship Minister

Draft South Saskatchewan Regional Plan highlights:

  • Proposes 32 new and expanded recreation and conservation areas, including Castle Wildland Provincial Park, Castle Conservation Area and Pekisko Heritage Rangeland.
  • Increases the percentage of conservation areas in the eastern slopes to 33 per cent from the current 22 per cent. This action would add 134,666 hectares of legislatively protected land, an area two and a half times larger than Waterton National Park.
  • Establishes environmental management frameworks for air and surface water that include strict limits.
  • Provides certainty and clarity for industry, recreationists and other land users about operating and accessing public lands.

“The Land-use Framework planning process provides a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to participate in planning and decision-making about Alberta’s landscapes and the values we have for conservation, development, wilderness, wildlife and water. Albertans have an opportunity to learn from many sectors and to participate by letting the government know what is most important as the process for developing the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan continues to unfold.”

Christyann Olson, Executive Director, Alberta Wilderness Association 

Our government was elected to keep building Alberta, to live within its means and to fight to open new markets for Alberta’s resources. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.

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