This release was issued under a previous government.

The Alberta government will provide up to $13.6 million over the next 10 years in support of eight RCMP officers in Alberta’s Metis Settlements. This extends a three-year enhanced policing pilot Project and funds an additional three RCMP officers. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the eight Settlements and the RCMP this morning.

“This is one of the key commitments we made to the Metis Settlements when Premier Redford and I signed the Long-Term Arrangements in March.  We are delivering results.”

- Robin Campbell, Minister of Aboriginal Relations

“Increasing the number of officers will allow the RCMP to work even more closely with community leaders in the Settlements and help address their local policing priorities."

- Jonathan Denis, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

“Making sure our communities and our members are safe is a fundamental part of building prosperity and creating long-term success within our communities. This agreement is a significant step in the right direction.”

- Randy Hardy, President of the Metis Settlements General Council

This agreement strengthens the RCMP's strong historic relationship with Alberta's Metis community by ensuring our daily presence at the local level in each of these eight Settlements.”  

- Dale McGowan, Deputy Commissioner, Commanding Officer of "K" Division


The Long-Term Arrangements are an investment in the growth of healthy and prosperous Metis Settlements for the benefit of all Albertans. 

Our government was elected to keep building Alberta, to live within its means and to fight to open new markets for Alberta’s resources. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.