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"The Royal Alberta Museum is a treasury of memories from Alberta and around the world. I'm inviting Albertans to share their personal connection to the museum as the new site continues to take shape."

- Heather Klimchuk, Minister of Culture

Klimchuk was joined by Honourable Laurie Hawn, MP for Edmonton Centre, Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel and the Royal Alberta Museum’s Executive Director Chris Robinson to launch Museum Memories. The new postcard campaign allows Albertans to share what they treasure most about visiting the Royal Alberta Museum over the years.

The use of postcards is a salute to Edmonton’s Main Post Office, which formerly occupied the site of the new Royal Alberta Museum. Both paper and electronic versions of the postcards will be available to the public.

The construction fencing also features a postcard design. Until September 30, a mailbox graphic on the hoarding will have a functioning mail slot to actually receive postcards.

Albertans can also mail postcards to the Royal Alberta Museum or submit an electronic post card at The Museum Memories campaign runs until Dec. 31, 2013.

A number of the most unique memories will be posted on the museum’s web site in early 2014.

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