This release was issued under a previous government.

The report was drafted by AHS Official Administrator Janet Davidson and highlights a number of changes that should be made to better support health-care providers, including moving from 80 senior executives to 10. The majority of these senior executive positions will be reprofiled to support front-line staff; five positions are being eliminated.

“One of the most important findings of this report is the need for a structure where patients and people are the top priority.
I agree with the Official Administrator, and want AHS to begin implementing this work immediately.”

- Fred Horne, Minister of Health

“While moving to a central health authority has brought with it many benefits, including approximately $700 million in cost savings and standardization of service, more work needs to be done in several areas including consultation and support for health care providers.”

- Janet Davidson, AHS Administrator

“I understand and support the findings laid out in the Administrator’s report and will work with those closest to the patient to ensure any further changes to AHS consider their needs first and foremost.”

- Dr. Chris Eagle, AHS CEO

Horne directed Davidson to begin reviewing the AHS structure in June when she was appointed as the organization’s Official Administrator. 

Summary of Report

Mandate from the Minister of Health:

  • Conduct a review of the AHS structure to ensure Albertans receive top-quality medical care and value for taxpayers’ dollars;
  • Ensure that AHS is organized in a way that focuses on patient care and quality of service; and
  • Ensure that AHS is positioned to work meaningfully with stakeholders in the decision-making process.

Process followed by Administrator:

  • Reviewed the existing structure and job descriptions of executive team;
  • Meetings with AHS staff;
  • Meetings with outside stakeholders;
  • Review of feedback received by Administrator’s office; and
  • Review of literature review of best practices.


  • Current AHS structure is top-heavy and not the best model to support front-line staff;
  • Structure is confusing to navigate;
  • Community leaders unsure of how to interface with AHS;
  • Current reporting structure causes confusion;
  • Unclear whether AHS’ vision is aligned with the vision of Alberta Health and other service delivery agents;
  • Extent to which stakeholder engagement is meaningful is questionable;
  • Greater overall performance should be expected given the substantial health expenditures made by the Government of Alberta; and
  • The organizational structure should have the province divided into north and south, with each portion led by a vice-president, a chief operating officer and a medical director. Physicians will continue to have key roles on the Executive Team and throughout the organization.

Plan of Action:

  • Senior management layers of AHS to be restructured to better support front-line staff with a clear focus on quality of care;
  • Stakeholder collaboration mechanisms to be imbedded into AHS structure to ensure meaningful consultation;
  • Corporate functions such as Finance, HR, Engagement and IT to work in service delivery areas as a matrix with strong reporting relationships to the Chief Operating Officers with the support of the VPs;
  • IT Strategy, People Strategy, Research Strategy, and Patient-centered Care Strategy to be developed and implemented;
  • Clear definition of VP roles developed and communicated;
  • Greater structural linkages with Alberta Health developed; and
  • Robust performance targets established and communicated.

Our government was elected to keep building Alberta, to live within its means and to fight to open new markets for Alberta’s resources. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.

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