“I made a commitment that we would rebuild our communities devastated by recent flooding. We’re going to do it in a common-sense way that makes Alberta a global leader in flood protection and prevention,” said Premier Alison Redford. “While we continue to work around the clock to get homeowners the help they need, we are also going to consult residents, communities and technical experts on the best ways to guard against future flooding.”

The advisory panel will include:

  • Allan Markin, who will lead the advisory panel and report directly to the Premier and to the head of Alberta’s Flood Recovery Task Force, Andre Corbould. An engineer by training, Mr. Markin is the President and CEO of AMP Financial Inc. and the past Chairman of Canadian Natural Resources Limited.
  • Tino DiManno, a Civil Engineer by training and currently the western Canadian Senior Vice President of Stantec Consulting. Mr. DiManno has extensive experience in the development of new communities and water infrastructure in southern Alberta and Calgary.

“I commend Premier Redford for her government’s leadership in giving people options to rebuild or relocate. As someone whose home was badly damaged by the recent flooding, I have a keen interest in looking at innovative solutions aimed at preventing future flood damage on a community-wide basis. Together, we can rebuild our flood-damaged communities, restore the operations and beauty of our neighbourhoods, and minimize future flood damage,” said Allan Markin.

The advisory panel will give ongoing advice, offer recommendations and share potential solutions with the government. Each of the panel members will volunteer their time.

“As we begin to consult with our cities and towns, our local communities and individual residents, it’s important that we learn from the best of what’s happening in other flood-prone places around the world,” added Premier Redford. “We are resilient. We are tough. And we’re going to be smart about rebuilding our communities, together. I want to thank the advisory panel members in advance for helping us with that challenge.”

Our government was elected to keep building Alberta, to live within its means and to fight to open new markets for Alberta’s resources. We will continue to deliver the responsible change Albertans voted for.

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  • Richard Lindseth, the Principal at Richard Lindseth Architecture Inc. Mr. Lindseth currently serves as President of the Architectural Foundation of Alberta. He is a Past President of the Alberta Association of Architects and is a recognized leader in the field of housing design.
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