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Officers from the Government of Alberta will be out in force this long weekend, patrolling Alberta’s roadways, water bodies, parks, and public land. Together with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, they will also conduct check stops and off-highway vehicle compliance checks and inform the public about safe recreation practices, laws and regulations.

Rules vary by area: know before you go

Know before you go with 511 Alberta Official Road Reports.  As you head out on the long weekend, get the latest road conditions and updates on road construction, before you go.  Call 5-1-1, visit or follow us on Twitter @511Alberta.

Albertans who are planning to spend the weekend camping at one of the province’s provincial parks are encouraged to check out one of our many first-come-first served spots, which are listed at Campers can also check which parks have liquor or fire bans in place across the province.

The Bighorn Dam trail is currently closed to off-highway vehicles, and the Fall Creek/South Ram River area will close to all motorized vehicle traffic on May 15. These are temporary closures to prevent soil erosion and protect sensitive wildlife habitat - read more here.

Do your part to prevent wildfires

Whether you plan to visit a provincial park or explore the backcountry, all Albertans should take precautions to prevent wildfires. Last year, approximately 80 per cent of wildfires were caused by people. Before heading out this long weekend, check for fire bans or download the new Wildfire App.

The risk of wildfires increases with dry conditions. Always check to make sure your campfire is completely extinguished. Soak it, stir the ashes, and soak it again.

Obey traffic laws

As part of getting to their long weekend destination and back safely, drivers need to follow traffic laws. Albertans have a personal responsibility when behind the wheel to keep highways safe. Drivers who choose to disobey traffic laws and put the lives of other road users at risk will be dealt with through fines, prosecution, or a combination of both.

Use motorized vehicles responsibly

Off-highway vehicle users can reduce the risk of wildfires by removing burnable debris from hot spots on their machines. All off-highway vehicles in Alberta are required to have a functional muffler and spark arresters.

Motorized vehicles should be kept away from stream banks, wetlands and wet trails. Sewage, garbage, and abandoned equipment should be disposed of properly rather than left on public land or in Alberta’s water bodies.

Alberta’s beautiful outdoors are there for everyone to enjoy - and we all play an important part in ensuring our lands, forests and water bodies remain healthy and sustainable for today and tomorrow.

Media inquiries may be directed to:

For BearSmart, public land use, and wildfire information:
Jacalyn Ambler
Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

For Enforcement:
Brendan Cox
Justice and Solicitor General

For Provincial Parks:
Susan Johnson
Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

To call toll free within Alberta dial 310-0000.