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The New West Partnership Trade Agreement is a far-reaching economic partnership between the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, designed to foster prosperity for our people through meaningful interprovincial collaboration. Under the agreement, businesses registering as a corporation will no longer need to register separately in each of the three jurisdictions as extra-provincial registration will be facilitated by the home province.

Corporations will be asked to provide additional information to their home province to have their extra-provincial registration take effect in the remaining jurisdictions. No additional fees will be required for extra-provincial registration in the two other provinces. The partnership removes the need for corporations to file their annual filing requirement in all three provinces. Instead, corporations will now be able to file once in their home province.

“When Alberta businesses thrive, Albertans thrive,” Service Alberta Minister Manmeet Bhullar said. “Reducing red tape and creating a more open and competitive marketplace with British Columbia and Saskatchewan will help Alberta businesses expand their markets and attract new clients. These actions help secure our province’s economic prosperity.”

"Through the BC Jobs Plan, our government is aggressively targeting new investment that will create jobs for British Columbians,” British Columbia Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Pat Bell said. “By working with Saskatchewan and Alberta through the New West Partnership, we can help break down barriers and needless red tape, signalling that the West is open for business. That will not only benefit B.C., but will provide opportunities across our provinces."

“Through collaboration with Alberta and British Columbia, we are facilitating greater ease for Saskatchewan businesses to expand to new markets and attract international investors,” Saskatchewan Minister responsible for Information Services Corporation Don McMorris said. “The New West Partnership will make Saskatchewan and our neighbours the most competitive and attractive place to do business in North America.”

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