This release was issued under a previous government.

This year, Albertans are encouraged to participate in the first Get Outdoors Weekend, April 13-15. During this weekend, Albertans are invited to venture outside to enjoy the wonders which exist in nature and have some active fun in the outdoors. 

“We all know that it is good to be active,” stated Jack Hayden, Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation. “I invite Albertans to take some time to get outside with their families or friends to unwind, have some fun in the fresh air and enjoy the amazing beauty that exists outside our front doors here in Alberta.”

The Alberta Get Outdoors Weekend will be an annual event marked during the second weekend of April each year. During this weekend, Albertans are invited to get outside even for a few minutes to enjoy some fresh air and physical activities suitable to them.  The goal is to get outside and enjoy an activity which will benefit the mind, body and spirit and at the same time experience the natural beauty of our province.    

A few suggestions for the Get Outdoors Weekend include:

  • taking your kids to the local playground;
  • riding a bike;
  • going bird watching;
  • walking, instead of driving, to your local grocery store;
  • moving your regular gym routine outdoors, or
  • getting a start on spring cleaning the backyard.  

For more information on the types of outdoor activities which can be done easily and for all ages and abilities, please visit our Active Alberta website located at


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