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School authorities have provided the province with details about how the $107 million in additional education funding was allocated to classrooms across Alberta.

The funding, committed to school boards earlier this fall by Premier Alison Redford and Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk, was to be directed to address pressure points in Alberta schools such as class size and supports for inclusive education and English language learning.

"We made this commitment in education funding to address priorities in the classroom,” said Premier Redford. “I’m pleased to see this making a positive impact in our classrooms. This provides students with the support they need to be successful in school.”

All school jurisdictions used the additional funding to provide classroom supports. Overall, an estimated $65 million was spent on hiring 623 certificated teachers; approximately $23 million was spent on hiring 397 additional support staff (e.g. education assistants); and $19 million was spent on other resources such as classroom materials, teacher professional development, technology and equipment support.

“Funding for education is an important investment for Albertans,” added Lukaszuk. “Like any investment, Albertans want to be assured the dollars went to the right place and improved the overall learning experience of students. They can be confident that this is the case.”

School jurisdictions had the flexibility to determine how the funds would provide the most benefit at a local level. The provincial overview of how each school authority allocated its portion of the $107 million can be found online at


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