The terms of the enforcement order require Cleanit Greenit to stop accepting waste and prepare several reports and plans, including a survey report of the lands, a material characterization report, a site rehabilitation plan, a pond rehabilitation plan, a soil impact delineation report, and an updated operations plan. These reports and plans will ensure compliance with the legislation, the Code of Practice for Compost Facilities, and industry guidelines and best management practices.

Alberta Environment and Water has been working with Cleanit Greenit to address ongoing odour issues. The province, City of Edmonton and ATCO Gas have received numerous odour complaints about the facility.

In 2011, Alberta Environment and Water’s investigation revealed that the Cleanit Greenit facility accepted more than 20,000 tonnes of waste in 2010 - an amount that requires an operating approval under provincial law - and was not following standard industry guidelines or best practices at its facility.

Alberta Environment and Water focuses on education, prevention and enforcement to ensure all Albertans continue to enjoy a clean and healthy environment. When individuals or companies fail to comply with legislation, government has a range of options depending on the offence. Enforcement orders are issued under the authority of Alberta's Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act to ensure immediate action is taken to correct a situation.


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