This release was issued under a previous government.

“It is disappointing that after more than three years of exhaustive analysis and consultation on this critical project, we find out that a decision will be delayed until early 2013. Our position has always been clear that we respect and understand that approval of the pipeline is a U.S. domestic matter, but the fact remains that Keystone XL is a key piece of infrastructure for our province. I sincerely hope that the State Department made this decision based on science and evidence and not rhetoric and hyperbole from very well-organized interest groups.

Alberta is steadfastly committed to this project and my government will continue to advocate that we are the safest, most secure and responsible source of oil for the United States. I will seek immediate answers from U.S. officials to determine why this decision was made and how the process will unfold going forward.

Alberta is an export-based economy and today’s decision is a clear reminder about the strategic importance of diversifying our export markets. Our energy industry supports this province and our country and it is imperative that we can move our products to market.”


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