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About wild species status ranks

Wild vertebrate species in Alberta are assessed by the Endangered Species Conservation Committee (ESCC) and Scientific Subcommittee (SSC), and recommended general and detailed status rankings are forwarded to the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas. For more details, see:

  • General status designations and definitions

    Designation Definition
    Not assessed Any species that has not been examined during the assessment exercise.
    Undetermined Any species for which insufficient information, knowledge or data is available to reliably evaluate its general status.
    Accidental/Vagrant Any species occurring infrequently and unpredictably in Alberta (Example: a species that is outside its usual range). These species may be in Alberta due to:
    • unusual weather occurrences
    • an accident during migration, or
    • unusual breeding behaviour by a small number of individuals

    If a species appears in Alberta with increasing predictability and more frequently, it may eventually be given a different rank. Status rank changes for Accidental/Vagrant species may be a good indicator of general ecosystem or climactic changes.

    Exotic/Alien Any species that has been introduced as a result of human activities.
    Secure A species that is not At Risk, May Be At Risk or Sensitive.
    Sensitive Any species that is not as risk of extinction or extirpation but may require special attention or protection to prevent it from becoming at risk.
    May Be At Risk Any species that may be at risk of extinction or extirpation and is therefore a candidate for detailed risk assessment.
    At Risk Any species known to be at risk after formal detailed status assessment and legal designation as Endangered or Threatened in Alberta.
    Extirpated/Extinct Any species no longer thought to be present in Alberta (Extirpated) or no longer believed to be present anywhere in the world (Extinct).

    To view a print version of this listing, visit the Open Publications website at:

  • Detailed status categories and definitions

    Designation Definition
    Data Deficient A species for which there is insufficient scientific information to support status designation.
    Special Concern A species of special concern because of characteristics that make it particularly sensitive to human activities or natural events.
    Threatened A species likely to become endangered if limiting factors are not reversed.
    Endangered A species facing imminent extirpation or extinction.
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    For the purposes of this assessment, draft documents were sent to professional biologists from government and industry, along with wild species experts from the natural history community. The comments and suggestions made by these individuals were compiled and discussed. The final scores and rankings, however, remain the sole responsibility of Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (EPA).

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