A provincial state of emergency remains in effect due to numerous wildfires.

For wildfire related information, call the 24-hour info line at 310-4455 (available in 200+ languages) or visit

This is a Wildfire Alert in Saddle Hills County

Critical alert details

Critical - This is a Wildfire Alert in Saddle Hills County

May 05, 2023 at 02:49 PM

From: Central Peace Regional Emergency Management Agency

Issued: May 05, 2023 at 02:49 PM


Area: There is an out of control wildfire burning in Saddle Hills County, in the Fourth Creek area, between Township road 840 and the Peace River, between Range Rd 75 and Range Rd 85.

Description: The fire is moving towards the Peace River and is threatening structures in the area.

Instruction: If you are in this area, evacuate now. This includes any members of the public, as well as industrial personnel. Watch Alberta Emergency Alert of visit the County website for updates.

Additional information: Township-84-Range-8-W6.jpg, Broadcast Audio

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