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Alberta Emergency Alert - Wildfire Alert Updated

Critical alert details

Critical - Alberta Emergency Alert - Wildfire Alert Updated

Jun 03, 2022 at 10:18 PM

From: Clearwater County

Issued: Jun 03, 2022 at 10:18 PM


Area: Clearwater County

Description: There is a wildfire north of Crimson Lake, north of TWP 41-0 (off the Buster Creek Road).The fire is currently estimated at approx. 15 hectares. Due to high winds an evacuation was issued north of the Ferrier Gas Plant on Buster Creek Rd (TWP RD 4-10), north and north west approx. 5kms.

For Current Wildfire status go to for more information. Go to for up to date Road Report information. To learn how you can prepare for a wildfire, visit and .

Instruction: Staffed roadblocks and RCMP patrol will remain overnight, and the evacuation order remains in place. Highway 756 (Buster Creek Road) is closed at roadblocks north at TWP 41-4 and south at TWP 40-2A (Crimson Lake Road). Individuals with respiratory issues should seek medical attention if required, and if possible, leave the impacted area. For assistance, evacuated residents can call 403-845-4444.

Additional information: Broadcast Audio

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