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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister, Justice
Alberta Crown Prosecution Service Division (ACPS)
Court and Justice Services Division (CJS)
Strategic and Business Support
Business and Resolution Services
Family Support Order Services Branch
King's Bench Administration
Court of Justice Operations
Court of King's Bench Judicial
Court of Appeal Judicial
Court Technology Services
Alberta Court of Justice
Alberta Court of Justice (Civil) - Administrators / Managers
Alberta Court of Justice (Traffic) - Administrators / Managers
Alberta Court of Justice Traffic and Civil (Calgary)
Alberta Court of Justice (Family and Youth Division) - Managers
Financial Services Division (FSD)
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division
Legal Services Division (LSD)
Trades, Innovation, Post Secondary Legal Team
Central Services
People and Communities Legal Team
Constitutional and Aboriginal Law
Divisional Support Office
Energy Law
Environmental Law Team
Family and Surrogate Court Litigation
Family and Surrogate Court Litigation - Calgary
Health Law
Infrastructure and Transportation Legal Team
Infrastructure and Transportation Legal Team - SafeRoad Team
Justice and Public Safety and Emergency Services Legal Team
Jobs and Immigration Legal Team
Labour Employment Law Team
Legislative Counsel Office
Municipal, Education and Service Alberta (MESA) Legal Team
Organizational Learning Office
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Alberta Human Rights Commission
Environmental Law Team
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Reception 780 427-3496
Sacluti, Elena
780 422-7325 Director, Legal Services
Adetunji, Annet
780 231-7835 Barrister and Solicitor
Altmiks, Alison
780 427-3514 Barrister and Solicitor
Ball, Vivienne
780 638-4139 Barrister and Solicitor
Booth, Tom
780 235-5287 Barrister and Solicitor
Bryson, Meagan
780 233-7512 Barrister and Solicitor
Cichowska, Carla
780 893-2805 Barrister and Solicitor
Gerlock, Erika
780 235-4013 Barrister and Solicitor
Harnum, Barbara
780 643-9436 Barrister and Solicitor
Hartman, Nicole
587 334-6576 Barrister and Solicitor
Hierlmeier, Jodie
587 338-8754 Barrister and Solicitor
Holmes, Teresa
780 422-4448 Barrister and Solicitor
Keehn, Shannon
780 415-9369 Barrister and Solicitor
Maas, Paul
780 644-5724 Barrister and Solicitor
Nelson, Larry
780 427-3513 Barrister and Solicitor
Plumb, Lee
587 357-0560 Barrister and Solicitor
Vo, Jade
780 415-4534 Barrister and Solicitor
Zhang, Amy
587 982-1718 Barrister and Solicitor
Ritter, Teresa
780 231-7835 Student-at-Law
Koryczan, Aga
780 427-1609 Legal Assistant
Mayuga, Caitlyn
780 427-3488 Legal Assistant

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