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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister, Justice
Alberta Crown Prosecution Service Division (ACPS)
Court and Justice Services Division (CJS)
Financial Services Division (FSD)
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division
Legal Services Division (LSD)
Trades, Innovation, Post Secondary Legal Team
Central Services
People and Communities Legal Team
Constitutional and Aboriginal Law
Divisional Support Office
Energy Law
Environmental Law Team
Family and Surrogate Court Litigation
Family and Surrogate Court Litigation - Calgary
Health Law
Infrastructure and Transportation Legal Team
Infrastructure and Transportation Legal Team - SafeRoad Team
Justice and Public Safety and Emergency Services Legal Team
Jobs and Immigration Legal Team
Labour Employment Law Team
Legislative Counsel Office
Municipal, Education and Service Alberta (MESA) Legal Team
Organizational Learning Office
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Alberta Human Rights Commission
Legislative Counsel Office
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
General Inquiries 780 427-2217
Dhala, Sherina
780 237-6420 Chief Legislative Counsel
Weir, Laurie
587 545-8127 Deputy Chief Legislative Counsel/Registrar of Regulations
  Branch Administrator/Executive Assistant
Kulicki, Michael
780 265-3894 Modernization Manager
Bardestani, Amin
587 340-8428 Legislative Counsel
Carlson, Corinne
587 335-6979 Legislative Counsel
Draper, Lara
780 237-6417 Legislative Counsel
Durham, Devon
587 335-1010 Legislative Counsel
Hill, Ashley Jennifer
780 238-3059 Legislative Counsel
Kellogg, Karin
587 532-9224 Legislative Counsel
Leitch, Jim
780 237-6423 Legislative Counsel
Leonard, Sarah
587 341-0164 Legislative Counsel
Shamsy, Maleka B.
780 235-8519 Legislative Counsel
Sharpe, Jean-Paul
780 265-0229 Legislative Counsel
Speer, Jamie
780 271-1078 Legislative Counsel
Snider, Donald
780 270-2115 Legislative Counsel
Holmwood, Emily
780 203-5107 Issues Manager
Ross, Rob
587 341-2759 Manager, Legislation and Publications
Blackwood, Laura
780 427-3616 Legislative Editor
Bursey, Jeff
780 427-4209 Legislative Editor
Pedersen, Kell
780 638-4797 Legislative Editor
Sitima, Grace
780 638-3889 Legislative Editor
Smith-Hayward, Jay
  Legislative Editor
Schudlo, Laura
587 385-6209 Legislative Legal Assistant - OC Clerk
Alvero, Luningning
780 427-4290 Legislative Legal Assistant
Bacic, Sanela
780 427-4289 Legislative Legal Assistant
Henry, Jean
780 427-4267 Legislative Legal Assistant
Jahangir, Saad
780 638-4463 Legislative Legal Assistant
Ross, Janine
780 422-7898 Legislative Legal Assistant
Taylor, Ceri
780 638-4463 Legislative Legal Assistant

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