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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister, Justice
Alberta Crown Prosecution Service Division (ACPS)
Court and Justice Services Division (CJS)
Strategic and Business Support
Business and Resolution Services
Family Support Order Services Branch
King's Bench Administration
Court of Justice Operations
Court of King's Bench Judicial
Court of Appeal Judicial
Court Technology Services
Alberta Court of Justice
Alberta Court of Justice (Civil) - Administrators / Managers
Alberta Court of Justice (Traffic) - Administrators / Managers
Alberta Court of Justice Traffic and Civil (Calgary)
Alberta Court of Justice (Family and Youth Division) - Managers
Financial Services Division (FSD)
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division
Legal Services Division (LSD)
Trades, Innovation, Post Secondary Legal Team
Central Services
People and Communities Legal Team
Constitutional and Aboriginal Law
Divisional Support Office
Energy Law
Environmental Law Team
Family and Surrogate Court Litigation
Family and Surrogate Court Litigation - Calgary
Health Law
Infrastructure and Transportation Legal Team
Infrastructure and Transportation Legal Team - SafeRoad Team
Justice and Public Safety and Emergency Services Legal Team
Jobs and Immigration Legal Team
Labour Employment Law Team
Legislative Counsel Office
Municipal, Education and Service Alberta (MESA) Legal Team
Organizational Learning Office
Strategy, Support and Integrated Initiatives Division (SSII)
Alberta Human Rights Commission
Court of King's Bench Judicial
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Jamieson, Corinne
403 297-2877 Executive Director
Manweiller, H
780 422-2624 Deputy Executive Director, Court of King's Bench - Judicial
Fuller, Krystle
780 999-3404 Director, Finance & Operations
Ruether, Darryl
403 297-4740 Executive Counsel to the Chief Justice and Director - Calgary
Stevenson, Keri
587 215-5603 Director, Technology and Court Coordination
Rosin, Brent
780 860-7369 Director of Scheduliing and Court Coorinators
Smit-Keding, Alexander
587 982-3940 Knowledge Management Specialist
Brink, Nicky
403 297-3099 Legal Counsel - Calgary
Coulter, Paige
403 297-5002 Legal Counsel - Calgary
Laliberte, Julie
403 592-4728 Legal Counsel - Calgary
Nastasi, Rosalia
403 297-8940 Legal Counsel - Calgary
Vickers, Suzanne
403 297-5000 Legal Counsel - Calgary
Warrack, Lauren
403 297-4741 Legal Counsel - Calgary
Kobly, Peggy
780 887-8384 Legal Counsel - Edmonton
Netolitzky, Donald
780 777-7824 Legal Counsel - Edmonton
Shoyele, Benga, QC
780 643-6223 Legal Counsel - Edmonton
Jull, Oliver
403 340-7503 Legal counsel - Regional
Borsic, Susan, QC
  Case Resolution Counsel
Kaminski, Brenda
780 643-0723 Resolution Counsel
Pidhirney, Michelle
780 643-0723 Case Management Counsel
Sharkey, Elisa
780 643-0723 Assistant to Case Management Counsel
Ellery, Michael
403 297-3862 Review / Assessment Officer
Pawlowski, Dennis
780 422-1520 Review / Assessment Officer
Brown-Crichlow, Marlene
780 422-1520 Review / Assessment Office Assistant
Peach, Lisa
780 422-2311 Q.B. Masters Specials and JDR Coordinator
Hinz, Sharon
780 644-7389 Civil Court Coordinator
Eschak, Stefanie
780 643-1411 Court Coordinator
Perry, Ashley
403 297-6258 Civil Court Coordinator
O'Brien, Sheila
403 297-6799 Case Management Coordinator
Vossler, Carla
403 381-5455 Court Coordinator
Quesnelle, Susan
403 297-6282 Criminal Court Coordinator
Hurley, Chrystle
403 340-5220 Judicial Dispute Resolutions and Commercial Duty Court Coordinator
Turner, Victoria
780 422-0475 Assistant to Court Coordinator
Safadi, Paula
403 297-7575 Executive Judicial Assistant
Harris, Barbara
403 297-7007 Supervisor /Judicial Assistant
Goldenberg, Ginette
780 422-2293 Executive Assistant to the Chief Justice
Kaufman, Kathleen
780 422-2328 Judicial Assistant to Masters
Russell, Elise
780 427-1162 Bilingual Judicial Assistant
Adams, Stacy
780 427-2549 Judicial Assistant
Copeman, Patricia
780 422-9407 Judicial Assistant
Ferrer Mills, Michelle
403 592-4724 Judicial Assistant
Friesen, Brenda
780 422-2296 Judicial Assistant
Mancia, Maria
403 297-2253 Judicial Assistant
Ring, Tanya
403 340-5533 Judicial Assistant
Robinson, Brittany
780 641-9709 Judicial Assistant
Roppelt, Jill
780 422-2323 Judicial Assistant
Stanwell, Sia
403 592-4725 Judicial Assistant
Traquair, Laura
403 592-4748 Judicial Assistant
Turnbull, Shauna
403 297-2407 Judicial Assistant
VanZwol, Leslie
403 381-5640 Judicial Assistant
Wright, Angela
403 297-8196 Judicial Assistant

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