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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alternative Capital Financing Partnerships Office
Capital Projects Delivery Division
Program Management and Integration
Government Facilities Branch
Health Facilities Branch
Health Capital Planning and Management, North
Health Project Delivery, Edmonton
Health Project Delivery, North
Health Project Delivery, Calgary and South
Calgary Cancer Project
Program Management and Integration Health Facilities Branch
Learning Facilities Branch
Properties Division
Strategic Integration and Operations Division
Health Project Delivery, Calgary and South
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Roth, Roy
403 710-6330 Senior Advisor, Strategy and Transformation
Jesty, Lenore
403 297-3630 Administrative Assistant
Robertson, Jay
403 869-2115 Senior Project Manager
Watts, Josh
403 875-1967 Senior Project Manager
Williams, Sean
403 998-3591 Senior Project Manager
Clarke, Carroll
403 813-6764 Project Manager
Fischer, Tim
403 540-6777 Project Manager
Herle, Leah
403 369-7765 Project Manager
Hoover, Matthew
587 575-3945 Project Manager
Limbu, Phaom
403 519-0945 Project Manager
Rowland, Elise
403 875-2542 Project Manager
Singh, Abhijit
403 815-1359 Project Manager
Wong, Andrew
403 818-0478 Project Manager
Cheung, Lisa
587 579-3653 Project Coordinator
Drinnan, Tracy
587 284-6982 Project Coordinator

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