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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alternative Capital Financing Partnerships Office
Capital Projects Delivery Division
Program Management and Integration
Government Facilities Branch
Health Facilities Branch
Health Capital Planning and Management, North
Health Project Delivery, Edmonton
Health Project Delivery, North
Health Project Delivery, Calgary and South
Program Management and Integration Health Facilities Branch
Learning Facilities Branch
Properties Division
Strategic Integration and Operations Division
Health Project Delivery, North
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Grenier, Tyler
780 289-0598 Director, Health Projects Delivery, North
Palichuk, Gerald
780 819-3120 Senior Project Manager
Selliah, Yogi
780 975-9132 Senior Project Manager
Boylan, Shaun
587 985-9532 Project Manager
Zizek, Brian
587 596-5101 Project Manager
Sharma, Archna
780 415-0678 Project Manager
Leece, Carris
780 644-4512 Administrative Assistant

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