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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alternative Capital Financing Partnerships Office
Capital Projects Delivery Division
Program Management and Integration
Government Facilities Branch
Health Facilities Branch
Learning Facilities Branch
Planning and Site Readiness
P3 Delivery
North Region
Central Region
South Region
Properties Division
Strategic Integration and Operations Division
South Region
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
El-Mehallawy, George
587 583-5412 Director
Felix, Adrianne
403 297-2515 Project Assistant
Youzwishen, Barb
403 297-3240 Project Assistant
Jentek, Peter
403 515-8679 Senior Project Manager
Layton, Rob
403 554-7053 Project Coordinator
Memon, Atif
403 465-3843 Project Coordinator
de Paiva, Stewart
587 998-3748 Senior Project Manager
Fahselt, Gena
403 836-1833 Project Manager
Hanna, David
403 370-7552 Project Manager
Kersten, Bibi
587 873-4514 Project Manager
Khataw, Rahim
403 969-3204 Project Manager
Ozoka, Chuck
587 583-5788 Project Manager
Thivierge, Marteen
587 574-6267 Project Manager
Ahmed, Iqbal
403 828-3941 Project Coordinator
Murfin, Kimberly
403 771-2445 Project Coordinator
  Project Coordinator

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