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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alternative Capital Financing Partnerships Office
Capital Projects Delivery Division
Properties Division
Asset Management Branch
Business Support Services
Land Planning
Strategic Asset and Accommodation Planning
Property Management Branch
Realty Services Branch
Strategic Integration and Operations Division
Strategic Asset and Accommodation Planning
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Lemke, Kelly
780 619-6947 Director, Strategic Asset and Accommodation Planning
Adamson, Lucy
780 886-3757 Planning Manager
Farhall, Andrea
780 288-8461 Planning Manager
Lam Hindle, Ann
780 203-1769 Acting Planning Manager
Widuk, Wayne
780 915-6632 Planning Manager
Arsovski, Igor
780 686-6291 Senior Accommodation Planner
Bohach, Laurie F.
587 372-6899 Parking Planner
Butlin, Stefannie
587 988-5175 Senior Accomodation Planner
Bucilla, Dawn
587 783-6762 Senior Accommodation Planner
England, Ashley
780 974-7711 Strategic Asset Planner
Greer, Lyle
780 940-2744 Strategic Asset Planner
Hadzariga, Kyla
780 999-7285 Senior Accommodation Planner
Hamouda, Mo
780 717-5186 Senior Accommodation Planner
Lam-Hindle, Ann
780 203-1769 Senior Accommodation Planner
Mauer, Bridgette
  Senior Accommodation Planner
Pietsch, Christian
587 879-5123 Senior Accommodation Planner
Reklow, Lee
780 974-2743 Parking Planner
Robertson, Trevor
780 668-4173 Strategic Asset Planner
Schur, Matthew
780 919-6827 Senior Accommodation Planner
Shatakishvili, Nana
780 818-9818 Concierge - Coworking Hubs
West, Erin
  Senior Accommodation Planner

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