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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Alternative Capital Financing Partnerships Office
Capital Projects Delivery Division
Properties Division
Strategic Integration and Operations Division
Legal Services
Policy and Strategic Initiatives Branch
Operations and Administration
Technical Services and Procurement Branch
Legal Services
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Enright, Mark
780 422-9290 Barrister and Solicitor
Mah, Christopher
780 644-2963 Barrister and Solicitor
Nguyen, Lily L.
780 643-0986 Barrister and Solicitor
Sylyski, Leesa
780 415-0447 Barrister and Solicitor
Weiss, Ian
825 468-4352 Barrister and Solicitor
Wong, Allen P.
780 638-3291 Barrister and Solicitor

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