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Organizational Units

Legislative Branch
Organizational Units

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Legislative Branch
Legislative Assembly of Alberta
Legislative Assembly Office
Constituency Offices
Auditor General
Office of the Chief Electoral Officer
Office of the Child and Youth Advocate
Child and Youth Advocate
Direct Advocacy Services
Indirect Advocacy Services
Strategic Support
Office of the Ethics Commissioner
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner
Office of the Public Interest Commissioner (PIC)
Alberta Ombudsman
Strategic Support
Organizational Unit
Name Phone Title
Idowu, Bolu
780 422-2966 Executive Director, Strategic Support
Simpson, Sandy
780 644-7223 HR and Administrative Coordinator
Kennedy, Liz
780 643-9138 Director, Human Resources
Thompson, Diane
780 643-9155 Director, Quality Assurance and Business Planning
Akinsuli, Motunrayo
780 643-6494 Senior QA and Research Analyst
Fraser-Hopkins, Alyssa
780 427-2413 Senior QA and Research Analyst
Konecny, Dan
780 644-9858 Senior QA and Research Analyst
Phelps, Kendra
780 643-9443 Senior QA and Research Analyst
Wattoo, Rabia
780 643-9447 Senior QA and Research Analyst
Brand, Andrea
780 643-9135 Quality Assurance and Research Analyst
Zhang, Josh
780 643-9134 Finance Team Lead
Toquica, Johana
780 427-6425 Finance and Accounting Officer
Valeriano, Myer
780 422-5393 Financial Administrative Assistant
Shariff, Munira
780 644-3722 Financial Administrative Assistant
Cheung, Eric
780 644-7229 IMT Services Lead
Guile, Curtis
780 427-8460 Technology Analyst
Vanderzyde, Leah
780 644-6951 Office Administrator

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