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Organizational Units

Organizational Units

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Office of the Minister
Office of the Deputy Minister
Finance Branch
Financial Planning
Financial Services
Capital Assets Management
Financial Reporting and Operations
Financial Systems Management
Alternative Capital Financing Partnerships Office
Alternative Capital Partnerships
Alternative Capital Financing
Capital Projects Delivery Division
Program Management and Integration
Government Facilities Branch
South Region
Health Facilities Branch
Health Capital Planning and Management, North
Health Project Delivery, Edmonton
Health Project Delivery, North
Health Project Delivery, Calgary and South
Calgary Cancer Project
Program Management and Integration Health Facilities Branch
Learning Facilities Branch
Planning and Site Readiness
P3 Delivery
North Region
Central Region
South Region
Properties Division
Asset Management Branch
Business Support Services
Land Planning
Strategic Asset and Accommodation Planning
Property Management Branch
Property Management - Programs and Integration (PMPI)
PMPI Furniture Team
PMPI - Building Support
PMPI - Business Support
Property Management - Edmonton Core and Swan Hills
Property Management - Government Centre
Property Management - North Area
Property Management - Project Delivery
Property Management - Calgary
Property Management
Property Management - Edmonton and Tenant Services and TUC
Realty Services Branch
Business Services Unit
Leasing Unit
Acquisition, Sales and Development Unit
Strategic Integration and Operations Division
Legal Services
Policy and Strategic Initiatives Branch
Policy, Legislation and Intergovernmental Coordination
Project Excellence Unit
Operations and Administration
Corporate Planning and Operations
Engagement and Operations
Strategic Planning and Reporting
Strategic Governance and Corporate Services
Contract Administration, Evaluation and Audit
Contract Services
Contract Monitoring and Evaluation
Technical Services and Procurement Branch
Engineering, Environment and Sustainability
Construction Procurement
Services Procurement Section
Consultant Compliance Standards
Building Design and Spatial Technology Section
Interior Design
Spatial Information Management
Organizational Unit
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