Active consultations

Graphic with the text Provincial Curriculum Survey with two small images of young student learning in a classroom

Curriculum survey

Oct 18-Nov 18: Good jobs begin with a good education. Help us design a curriculum that prepares our students for success.

A man holds up a brochure and speaks with three women at a francophone event

French language services

Oct 17-Nov 20: Tell us what should be considered in a future French language services policy that will guide how the government can enhance its services in French. 

Cityscape showing downtown Edmonton at night

City Charters

2016-2017: Provide your input on city charter policies to build strong, vibrant cities that attract trade and investment.

Two people canoeing on a mountain lake.

Coal communities

Share your ideas on strategies and actions to support workers and communities transitioning away from coal-fired electricity generation.

A red flower outside a glass building.

Energy efficiency

2016: Provide your ideas on how to promote energy efficiency and community energy systems across Alberta.

A construction worker harnessed to scaffolding.

Workers' compensation board review

2016-17: Share your opinions and experiences with the workers' compensation system to help the review panel get a thorough understanding of the issues.

Four combine harvesters in a wheat field.

Farm and Ranch workplace legislation changes

2015-2017: Farm and ranch workers deserve the same protection as other workers in the province. Provide feedback on proposed legislation changes.