Albertans are fortunate to have world-class faculty members educating and supporting the leaders of tomorrow. Government values their dedication to Albertans, but also must ensure services are sustainable now and into the future.

As government works towards a sustainable funding model that reflects Alberta’s economic reality, it must ensure that available resources are there to create the best possible learning environment for students. That is why it is vital that common sense collective agreements are negotiated that will allow available tax dollars to be used for the services Albertans need most.

Post-secondary spending

Grant funding to Alberta’s post-secondary institutions has increased more than 106% over the last 15 years while enrolment has increased only 21% and the consumer price index by 35%.

The MacKinnon Panel Report showed Alberta spends significantly more per student full-time equivalent (FTE) than 3 comparator provinces. Alberta spends $36,500 per FTE while British Columbia spends $31,300 ($5,200 less), Ontario spends $21,500 ($15,000 less), and Quebec spends $25,800 ($10,700 less).

If Alberta spent the same per student as B.C., it would save more than $700 million per year.

Alberta’s spending on administration exceeds $8,000 per student, significantly higher than B.C. ($4,000 per student) and Ontario ($5,000 per student).

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Jan 20, 2020

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