For Alberta's education system to be sustainable over the long-term and to focus investment on the classroom, collective agreements must bring compensation - which is among the highest in Canada - to levels of other comparable provinces.

Approximately 76% of school boards’ total expenses go to personnel costs, which include salaries, benefits and pension costs for teachers and support staff.

Education spending

Alberta is among the highest spenders on K-12 education in the country. The province spends about $11,000 for each student, which is in the top 3 among provinces (with Newfoundland and Labrador and Saskatchewan).

Education funding is the same when comparing this year’s provincial budget to last year’s. Total funding for K-12 education is $8.2 billion. This money pays for staff, supplies, bussing and other costs to deliver education to about 700,000 students in 2,100 schools.

Teachers’ compensation

Albertans are fortunate to have dedicated and hard working teachers committed to our learning. Government values their dedication to Albertans, but also must ensure services are sustainable now and into the future.

Total compensation for a teacher in Alberta can be up to $116,000 annually, more than $9,000 higher than the maximum a teacher in neighbouring British Columbia can earn, and $15,000 more than in neighbouring Saskatchewan.

Total compensation for Alberta teachers is 4.8% higher than comparable provinces


Arbitration awards: Minister Toews
Jan 10, 2020

President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance Travis Toews issued the following statement about two arbitration decisions of no wage increases involving the Alberta Teachers Association and the United Nurses of Alberta.

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