Wheat Nutrition and Fertilizer Requirements: Nitrogen
The most important role of N in the plant is its presences in the structure of protein, the most important building substances from which the living material or protoplasm of every cell is made. In addition, nitrogen is also found in chlorophyll, the green colouring matter of leaves. Chlorophyll enables the plant to transfer energy from sunlight by photosynthesis. Therefore, the nitrogen supply to the plant will influence the amount of protein, protoplasm and chlorophyll formed. In turn, this influences cell size and leaf area, and photosynthetic activity.

Wheat Nutrition and Fertilizer Requirements: Potassium
Wheat requires potassium for optimal growth and development. Adequate potassium results in superior quality of the whole plant due to improved efficiency of photosynthesis, increased resistance to some diseases, and greater water use efficiency. It helps maintain a normal balance between carbohydrates and proteins. Sufficient potassium results in stronger wheat straw and assists in grain filling.

Wheat Nutrition and Fertilizer Requirements: Sulphur
Sulphur is a building block of protein and a key ingredient in the formation of chlorophyll. Without adequate sulphur, crops can not possibly reach their full potential in terms of yield or protein content. Nor can they make efficient use of nitrogen, phosphorus and other vital elements.

Wheat Nutrition and Fertilizer Requirements: Micronutrients
Micronutrients are required for optimum crop production and the term micronutrient refers to the relative quantities required for plant growth and does not mean that they are any less important to plants than other nutrients. Wheat growth and development may be retarded if any one of these elements is lacking in the soil or if a nutrient is not adequately balanced with other nutrients.

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