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The Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council is conducting a plebiscite from October 3 to November 1, 2022, on the question of amalgamation of the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley Commission at the request of both commissions, and in accordance with the:

The purpose of the plebiscites is to determine whether eligible Alberta wheat and barley producers either – a) support, or b) do not support – the amalgamation of the Alberta Wheat Commission and the Alberta Barley Commission.

Voting results

For the purposes of the plebiscites, a vote in support of amalgamation shall be considered to constitute a vote in favour of:

  • terminating the existing Alberta Wheat Commission Plan and Alberta Barley Plan
  • establishing a new plan for an amalgamated wheat and barley commission

If both plebiscites result in a vote in support of amalgamation – the creation of new regulations will be necessary for the changes to take effect. These changes will require approval from Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Barley Commission, Marketing Council and the Government of Alberta.

If either of the plebiscites result in a vote against amalgamation – there will be no change to the current structure or regulations.

Marketing Council role

Marketing Council does not have a position on the question of commission amalgamation and is acting in an administrative capacity only as the Returning Officer, responsible to oversee the plebiscite process. As part of its oversight role, Marketing Council has retained the services of MNP, who will be the Deputy Returning Officer for the plebiscites, responsible for working with Marketing Council to administer the votes on each plebiscite per the established plebiscite directives.

Plebiscite directives

The plebiscites are governed by their respective directives, which are made by Marketing Council with the approval of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development under section 5.1 of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act. The directives are available for review and download.

Who can vote

If you are an eligible producer of one of either wheat or barley, but not the other, you are eligible to vote in the plebiscite for the commission of which you are a member. If you are an eligible producer of both wheat and barley, you are eligible to vote in the plebiscites for both commissions.

In accordance with Section 2 of the Alberta Wheat Commission Plebiscite Directive (2022) and Alberta Barley Commission Plebiscite Directive (2022), a person must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible to vote in the plebiscite:

  • has paid a service charge under the Alberta Wheat Commission Plan and/or Alberta Barley Plan between January 1, 2020 and a cut-off date to be established by the returning officer prior to the first day of the voting period, whether or not the producer requested a service charge refund
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • has not previously voted in the plebiscite
  • is an individual or an authorized representative representing a partnership, a corporation or an organization that is not a partnership or a corporation

For the purpose of the plebiscite, a partnership, a corporation, or an organization that is not a partnership or a corporation, can have only one authorized representative.

How to vote

Every voter who is confirmed on the voters list can vote by electronic ballot between October 3, 2022, and November 1, 2022.

  • The plebiscites are being conducted via electronic voting, administered by Intelivote Systems Inc.
  • To receive an electronic ballot, the producer’s name must appear on the voters list. All eligible producers on the voters list will receive a notice of the plebiscite in early September 2022.
    • Any producer who meets the eligibility criteria set out in one or both of the Plebiscite Directives but does not receive this notice by September 16, 2022 should contact Marketing Council at 780-427-2164 or [email protected] to be added to the voters list.
  • Each producer on the voters list will receive a second letter during the first or second week of October with their unique voting PIN, and instructions on how to complete the electronic voting process.
  • Please note that electronic ballots must be received by no later than 12 noon MST on November 1, 2022. After this time, the electronic voting system will close and no additional ballots will be able to be submitted.

When to vote

Electronic voting will be open from 12 noon MST on October 3, 2022 until 12 noon MST on November 1, 2022.


For questions about the plebiscites, contact Marketing Council:

Phone: 780-427-2164
Email: [email protected]

For information on the proposed amalgamation of the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley Commission, including the proposed governance structure for an amalgamated wheat and barley commission, see the Commissions’ website.

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