Water management structures - Overview

Water management structures in Alberta are owned and operated by Alberta Environment and Parks. Water management structures may include dams, weirs, canals and their associated infrastructure. Alberta Transportation’s Water Management Section is responsible for rehabilitation of existing structures, as well as construction of new structures. In southern Alberta, the section is also responsible for structure maintenance activities.

Alberta Transportation’s guidelines regarding construction or rehabilitation of water management structures are contained in the following sections. Information regarding tendering and contracting of these projects can be located here.

Consultants providing engineering services for the department are required to follow the processes outlined in the following two Engineering Consultant Guidelines:

All water management specifications are developed using Civil Works Master Specification (CWMS). The CWMS was developed to ensure consistency in the content and quality of contract specifications for water management contracts. It consists of Bidding Requirements, Conditions of Contract, General Requirements, and Technical Specifications that are organized according to a familiar 16-division format. Alberta Transportation is working to update to the most recent version of MasterFormat.

CWMS Civil Works Master Specification of Construction


Rochon Sands Flood Protection Project