The Alberta Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP) mirrors that of the other provinces and territories. The two major goals of the program are to ensure that vehicles being driven on Alberta's roads are in safe operating condition, and are not stolen or built from stolen components.

Vehicle Inspection Form for Motorists
Alberta Transportation inspects and monitors passenger vehicles coming into the province and vehicles that have been in a collision in order to maintain a safe highway system.

Obtain a Request for Vehicle Inspection form (sample below) from an Alberta registry agent and take it to a licensed inspection station, authorized to perform vehicle inspections under the Alberta Vehicle Inspection Program. Please consult with the station regarding their fee schedule before contracting services.

Request for Vehicle Inspection Form (PDF, 15 KB)

Fees for Services
Vehicle inspections are performed by the private sector. Vehicle inspection stations and the technicians that perform the Out of Province and Salvage vehicle inspections are licensed by Alberta Transportation and will display signage and the station license at their premises.

The inspection fees are determined by the private sector businesses that perform them. It is your responsibility as a customer to ensure that you will receive the service expected when selecting a vehicle inspection facility.

You should discuss your vehicle's overall condition with the inspection technician before entering into an agreement to have the vehicle inspected. If the vehicle is found to be deficient during the inspection, you may choose to take your vehicle to more than one inspection technician before agreeing to complete the suggested repairs.

Typically an Out Of Province vehicle inspection takes two hours to perform. You can expect to pay two hours labour at the inspection station's posted hourly rate. A Salvage Vehicle Inspection normally takes four hours to perform. This inspection includes all aspects of the Out Of Province inspection, as well as the structural integrity inspection component. You can expect to pay four hours labour at the inspection station's posted hourly rate.

The safety check program requires a certified technician to inspect the fuel and exhaust systems, engine controls, steering, suspension and braking systems, wiring and lamps, tires, glass, wipers, defrosters, as well as the overall body condition. All components must be within manufacturer's standards or wear tolerances to pass the inspection.

Vehicle Information Reports

Vehicle Insurance in Alberta
Like all provinces in Canada, Alberta requires mandatory vehicle insurance. For further information please consult the following websites:

Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
Insurance Bureau of Canada