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We are accepting proposals from companies and organizations interested in vaccine development and manufacturing as we explore opportunities to address vaccine shortages and support the pandemic.

There is no limit on the number of proposals that can be submitted. If you have multiple development or manufacturing proposals that lead to different outcomes, we recommend they be addressed separately. If the various options do not result in fundamentally different proposals, the options can be listed in a single proposal with separate parts.

How to apply

The application intake closed March 21, 2021.

After you apply

Government has not committed to a specific funding envelope at this time. As a first step, vaccine development and/or manufacturing proposals will be reviewed and advice from a third-party contractor will be provided to the Government of Alberta. Future investment recommendations and decisions will consider this information.

Information received in these applications will be submitted to an independent third party evaluation team to conduct a due diligence review. This team will reach out to individual proponents following the closing date.

Frequently asked questions

Protection of information

Documents submitted to the Government of Alberta will be subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP Act). If an application to access records or information in the custody or under the control of government is received, government must comply unless the application relates to information that is excepted from disclosure under the FOIP Act. Examples of exceptions to disclosure include information that would be harmful to your business interests. While government will do its best to protect information where disclosure would be harmful to the business interest of a third party (under section 16(1) of the FOIP Act), risk remains. Additionally, care should be taken to not disclose anything that is subject to a non-disclosure agreement without the advice of your own legal counsel.


Questions regarding vaccine development and manufacturing proposals can be sent to [email protected].


Exploring Alberta’s vaccine capacity (March 8, 2021)

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