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A review of the Alberta Energy Regulator will help ensure the province’s resources are being developed efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Gathered input on ways the government can better recognize and support artists.

Gathered input to help identify opportunities to help protect and enhance education choice.

Gathered input to help guide modern, fair laws to protect condo owners and support responsible governance of condo communities.

An independent panel will provide direction on future curriculum to ensure students graduate with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need for the future.

Gathered input on the future of time change in Alberta.

Gathered input on potential changes to employment standards rules to protect workers and support job creators.

Gathered input on the future of agricultural research in Alberta.

Gathered input on proposed changes to Alberta’s Food Regulation to reduce red tape, increase opportunities and make it easier for home-prepared food entrepreneurs to do business in Alberta.

Albertans' ideas shared for the future of this facility.

Gathered input on ways to improve the Mental Health Act to better help people dealing with serious mental illness.

A panel of industry experts and professionals has assessed Alberta’s minimum wage.

Gathered input on ways to improve Alberta’s road testing system.

Gathered input on rural crime to help improve community safety.

Gathered input on ways to improve Alberta’s current tobacco legislation to further prevent and reduce the harms of tobacco, vaping and tobacco-like products.

Gathered input on the draft ministerial order on student learning to help shape the direction of education.