Post-secondary tuition freeze

Keeping tuition affordable for Alberta students.


We're committed to ensuring Albertans have access to quality, affordable adult education in our province.

In June 2015, we rolled back post-secondary funding cuts and froze tuition for students and apprentices for 2 years. Last fall, we extended the tuition freeze for a third year to the end of the 2017-18 academic year to allow us time to review the tuition and fee model in Alberta.

The tuition freeze also applies to mandatory non-instructional fees and apprenticeship material fees levied by institutions, such as lab fees or fees directly related to classroom instruction. Undergraduate tuition in Alberta is now lower than the national average.

An estimated 250,000 full- and part-time students and apprentices will benefit from the freeze on tuition and fees this year.

Tuition review

The tuition freeze provides a stable educational environment while we consulted with Albertans and stakeholders on a new tuition policy that is aligned with Alberta's adult learning system principles of accessibility, affordability, quality, accountability and coordination.

The tuition review is helping set future direction on a tuition and fee model that best serves students, families, institutions and taxpayers. The review focused on numerous components of tuition policy, including:

  • how tuition increases
  • increases above the regulated rate
  • mandatory non-instruction fees
  • international student tuition
  • apprentice tuition and fees

Public and stakeholder feedback is informing our decisions about a new tuition policy that will be announced later this year.

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