Trends in Alberta agri-food exports

  • Trends in Alberta Agri-Food Exports provide users with trends of the provinces agri-food exports by product and country. These include exports of primary agricultural commodities (live animals and crops) and processed agricultural and food products. Recent topics include primary versus value-added products (2005-2014), Alberta exports to the UD (1988-2015), agri-food trade with the UX and Mexico since NAFTA (1994-2017) and Alberta exports to European Union countries (2005-2014).

Alberta agri-food exports highlights

  • The Agri-Food Statistics Update is designed to provide users with commentary on current issues, trends and new developments related to agriculture and the food and beverage processing industries. Collected from a variety of sources, the Statistics and Data Development Unit monitors statistical indicators of agri-food activity for Alberta. Up-to-date statistics are supplemented with informative charts and diagrams. To gauge Alberta's performance, comparative data and information are often available for Canada and the provinces.