Did you know that you can get a permit to cut trees on provincial Crown land within Alberta's Green Area?

These trees can be used for a variety of non-commercial forest products, including:

  • Christmas trees
  • Firewood
  • Posts and rails
  • Transplant trees

Temporary Non-Commercial Timber Permits

For small-scale, non-commercial or personal access to timber and trees on provincial Crown land, a valid, temporary tree cutting (also known as timber) permit is required.

To learn more about temporary tree cutting permits, or to purchase a permit online, see:

Help Alberta Manage Mountain Pine Beetles!

Transporting and Storing Wood with Bark Attached

Are you planning on transporting and storing the wood you harvest with the bark attached?

Various forest insect and disease pests can be transported under the bark of wood. These pests can spread to new areas, including nearby forests, other provinces and/or countries.

For example, mountain pine beetles can be transported in pine firewood and can cause serious damage. If the wood will be stored away from where it was cut, it is best to remove the bark. In fact, there are restrictions on moving pine with bark in Alberta.

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Commercial Tree Permits and Licences

The department issues permits and licences for personal and commercial use of the province's timber resources.