Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with global traveller expenditures expected to double over the coming decade.

Destinations internationally have invested in tourism industry development to grow and diversify their economies and generate jobs.

Tourism does more than fill hotel rooms, airplanes, attractions and convention centres: it is a powerful engine for broader economic growth that in turn attracts investment and timulates job growth across the economy.

Our blueprint for jobs

As a part of A Blueprint for Jobs, a 10-year tourism strategy is being developed to support our ambitious goal of doubling tourism spending in Alberta to $20 billion by 2030.

The strategy will represent an aggressive, coordinated government approach, with initiatives to encourage more private sector investment, create jobs, contribute to economic growth in the province and build quality of life throughout Alberta.

The strategy will:

  • Evaluate the delivery model for destination development and product development.
  • Review and enhance the mandate for Travel Alberta to move from a destination promotion organization to a destination management organization.
  • Seek to create stable and predictable funding to advance commitments to programs and services focused on destination development and promotion, and encourage private sector investment and confidence.
  • Promote the province as a desirable destination to live, work, play, invest and learn.
  • Remove red tape that impairs the tourism industry such as extending leases for tourism operators on public lands, making it easier for operators to secure financing.
  • Support the development of infrastructure that improves the tourist experience, and makes it easier to access tourist destinations.
  • Work with the industry to address labour force challenges.
  • Work with Indigenous communities to expand growing tourism opportunities.

We will continue our close engagement and consultation with the tourism sector to develop a strategy that meets our ambitious goals.

As the economy improves, we will consider mechanisms to increase funding for tourism initiatives, including full allocation of the tourism levy to the Ministry responsible for Tourism.

Key sectors

We are focusing our efforts in areas where the potential for growth is the greatest: