FMA Area

The Marten Hills Joint FMA (FMA 0600043) encompasses an area of 717,719 ha. Provincial and Wildland Park areas immediately adjacent to the FMA or embedded within the FMA encompass 11,123 ha. Once the non-productive, water bodies, and merchantability deletions are removed from the FMA area there are 416,890 ha of forested productive land to manage.

Current plan

Plan duration: 2008 to 2018

Approval: Approval – FMU S17 2008 Forest Management Plan (April 30, 2010) (PDF, 492 KB)

Forest Management Plan: FMU S17 2008 Forest Management Plan (December 15, 2009) (PDF, 16 MB)

Amendments: FMU S17 Wildfire Annual Allowable Cut Adjustment (April 20, 2020) (PDF, 723 KB)