We are gathering feedback on an updated draft recovery plan for the endangered tiny cryptantha plant.

The updated draft plan incorporates new concepts in recovery planning and summarizes the most recent species data, while keeping conservation actions similar to the original 2012 recovery plan.

Your feedback on the threats, goals and strategies designed to conserve the tiny cryptantha will support the efforts of government and other organizations to ensure it remains in Alberta.

Tiny cryptantha is considered endangered in Alberta based on the small area where it can be found, declining population due to habitat reduction, wide population fluctuations, and its isolation from other populations in the United States.

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Ministry of Environment and Protected Areas

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Complete the online survey by March 31, 2023 to share your feedback on the Tiny Cryptantha Draft Recovery Plan.

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Your feedback will be used to help finalize the Alberta Tiny Cryptantha Recovery Plan before it is sent to the Endangered Species Conservation Committee. The committee will review the plan and provide recommendations to the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas regarding plan approval.

Last updated: March 2, 2023