This page contains information for consultants for use in creating tender documents. Since consistency in tendering is important for Alberta Transportation, it is expected that the templates, special provisions, specification amendments, and supplemental specifications provided below will be used without alteration when required.

Project specific tender templates in Microsoft Word format shall be obtained through the Project Administrator. Please see the following training document for instructions on how to create and/or edit these documents.

Additionally, a checklist/guide is provided to assist in the review of tender documents. Please ensure that each of the items are addressed prior to submitting your documents.

Tender Templates

Provincial Tender (Updated February, 2019)

Unit Price Schedule

Master Bid Item List (Updated October, 2016)

Note: The above bid item list is provided for information only. All unit price schedules for Transportation Tenders are to be created through PMA-Delivery.

Special Provisions


Diesel Fuel Price Adjustments
Partnering (Updated April 21, 2016)
Apprenticeship Plan (Updated February 2019)

Bridge Structures

Construction by Others
Finishing Approaches
Removal by Others
Culverts Constructed Under High Fills
Pile Splicing
Accommodation of Nautical Traffic (Updated March, 2016)


Right of Way Restrictions
Improvement of Intersections
Removal and Demo of Buildings
Railway Crossings
Backfilling Dugouts
Rock Excavation
Backslope Widenings
Buildings Within R-O-W
Summary of Est. Grading Qty.'s
Mod Class B Fence - V lock
Special Fence
Contractor's Supply of Borrow Excavation
High Tension Cable Barrier (Updated August, 2016)


Environmental Control
Abandoned Water Wells


Intersection Treatment
Co-ordination of Operations
Subgrade Prep. at Int. Treatment
Gradation Specs. - Custom
Crushing of Oversize Rock
ASBC Fillets
Dates for CSBC and ASBC
Prod. & Stockpile Agg. by m3
ACP - Mix Type S3
Smoothness Testing using IRI (Updated November, 2016)
ACP Modifications when using Susan Lake Aggregate Source


Embankment on Soft Areas
Soil Conditions
Construction in Muskeg/Soft Areas

Specification Amendments

General Specifications

Specification 1.2, General, Re: Security Requirements
Specification 1.2, General, Re Site Occupancy
Specification 1.2, General, Re: Mobilization (Updated October, 2016)
Specification 1.2 General, Re: Safety Prequalification
Specification 1.2, General, Re: Damages for Delay
Specification 1.2, General, Re: Adjustment of Completion Date and Damages for Delay for Bridge Construction

Standard Specifications for Bridge Construction

Section 3, Foundation Piles, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 5, Reinforcing Steel, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 5, Reinforcing Steel, of the Standard Specifications for Bridge Construction, Re: Corrosion Resistant Reinforcing Steel
Section 6, Structural Steel, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 7, Precast Concrete Units, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 8, Bearings, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 10, Heavy Rock Riprap, Re: Class 1m Material Dimensions (New)
Section 12, Bridgerail, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 18, CSP and SPCSP Structures, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 24, Overhead Sign Strucutres and Panels, Re: Mill Test Report (New)
Section 25, Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)
Section 26, RCP and PBC Structures, Re: Mill Test Report Verification (New)

Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

Specification 3.2, Aggregate Production and Stockpiling, Re: Payment Rates for Interim Crushing, Hauling and Stockpiling (New)
Specification 3.50, Asphalt Concrete Pavement - EPS, Re: Aggregate Top Size Requirements for Mix Type H1
Specification 3.50, Asphalt Concrete Pavement - EPS, Re: Requirements for Moisture Susceptibility Testing
Specification 3.50, Asphalt Concrete Pavement - EPS, Re: Quality Control Testing Using Maximum Specific Gravity Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt
Specification 3.53, Asphalt Concrete Pavement - Superpave, Re: Moisture Susceptibility Testing
Specification 5.2, Supply of Aggregate, Re: Royalty Rate Reduction
Specifcation 5.25, Supply of Thrie Beam and W-Beam Guardrail Material, Re: Materials Standard (Updated February, 2016)
Specification 5.26, Supply of Box Beam and Guardrail and Posts, Re: Material Standards (Updated February, 2016)
Specification 5.7, Supply of Asphalt, Re: MSCR Testing and General Revisions (Updated October 2016)
Specification 7.1, Traffic Accommodation and Temporary Signing, Re: Bonus and Penalty Assessment

Supplemental Specifications


2.11 High Tension Cable Barrier (Updated May, 2017)
3.4 - Full Depth Reclamation
3.56 - Cold In-Place Recycling (Updated December 2015)
3.70 - Portland Cement Concrete Pavement
5.5, Supply of Portland Cement Concrete