This page contains information for consultants to use in creating tender documents.

To ensure consistency in tendering, do not alter the templates, special provisions, specification amendments and supplemental specifications provided.

Project specific tender templates in Microsoft Word format are available through the Project Administrator.

See the PMA Delivery: Consultant's User Guide (PDF, 254 KB) for instructions on how to create and/or edit these documents.

A Quick Guide for Reviewing Tenders (PDF, 197 KB) is available to assist in the review of tender documents. Ensure that each of the items are addressed prior to submitting your documents.

Tender templates

Unit price schedule

The following bid item list is provided for information only. All unit price schedules for Transportation tenders are to be created through Program Management Application (PMA) Delivery.

Special provisions


Table 1. Special provisions – General

Number Special Provision Date
SPC_001 Diesel Fuel Cost Adjustment (DOCX, 29 KB)  
SPC_005 Partnering (DOCX, 20 KB) April 21, 2016
SPC_006 Apprenticeship Plan (DOCX, 32 KB) February 2019
SPC_012 Construction Scheduling and Interim Completion Dates (PDF, 25 KB) January 2020
SPC_009 Seal Coat Contracts (DOC, 19 KB) October 2019

Bridge structures

Table 2. Special provisions – Bridge structures

Number Special Provision Date
SPB_002 Construction by Others (PDF, 8 KB)  
SPC_003 Finishing Approaches (PDF, 8 KB)  
SPC_004 Removal by Others (PDF, 8 KB)  
SPC_007 Culverts (PDF, 53 KB)  
SPC_027 Culverts Constructed Under High Fills (PDF, 51 KB)  
SPC_040 Accommodation of Nautical Traffic (PDF, 23 KB) November 2019


Table 3. Special provisions – Grading

Number Special Provision Date
SPG_002 Right-of-Way Restrictions (PDF, 9 KB)  
SPG_004 Improvement of Intersections and Entrances (PDF, 8 KB)  
SPG_013 Removal and Demolition of Buildings (PDF, 9 KB)  
SPG_018 Work in the Vicinity of Utilities (DOCX, 24 KB) August 2020
SPG_019 Railway Crossing Construction (PDF, 8 KB)  
SPG_020 Backfilling Existing Dugouts (PDF, 42 KB)  
SPG_022 Rock Excavation (PDF, 9 KB)  
SPG_026 Backslope Widenings (PDF, 39 KB)  
SPG_027 Buildings Located within Right-of-Way (PDF, 9 KB)  
SPG_G039 Seeding (PDF, 81 KB)  
SPG_040 Summary of Estimated Grading Quantities (PDF, 10 KB)  
SPG_043 Fence Installation (PDF, 9 KB)  
SPG_054 Modified Class B Fence (PDF, 12 KB)  
SPG_056 Special Fence Plastic Posts (PDF, 10 KB)  
SPG_059 Contractor's Supply of Borrow (PDF, 29 KB)  
  High Tension Cable Barrier (PDF, 36 KB) August 2016


Table 4. Special provisions – Environment

Number Special Provision Date
SPE_002 Environmental Control (PDF, 18 KB)  
SPC_E005 Reclaiming Abandoned Water Wells (PDF, 14 KB)  
  Turbidity (see Transportation and water project environmental requirements)  
SPC_022 Control of Clubroot (PDF, 29 KB)  
SPC_024 Decontamination of Construction Equipment (PDF, 108 KB)  


Table 5. Special provisions – Surfacing


Table 6. Special provisions – Geotechnical

Number Special Provision Date
SPT_002 Embankment Construction on Soft Areas (PDF, 9 KB)  
SPT_004 Soil Conditions (PDF, 8 KB)  
SPT_005 Construction in Muskeg/Soft Areas (PDF, 11 KB)  

Specification amendments

General specifications

Table 7. Special amendments – General

Number Specification amendment Date
AMC_C255 1.2 – General, Re: Mobilization and Demobilization (PDF, 16 KB) November 2019
AMC_C280 1.2 – General, Re: Diesel Fuel Cost Adjustment (PDF, 20 KB) November 2019
AMC_C281 1.2 – General, Re: Exclusionary Periods Non Bridge Winter Work (PDF, 63 KB) November 2019
AMC_C283 1.2 – General, Re: Dispute Resolution Process (2019) (PDF, 63 KB) November 2019
AMC_C284 1.2 – General, Re: Produced Sand and Contaminated Soils (PDF, 10 KB) November 2019
AMC_C286 1.2 – General, Re: Reduction in Holdback (PDF, 27 KB) July 2020
AMC_C289 1.2 – General, Re: Contractor Mobilizing to Site (PDF, 72 KB) July 2020
AMC_C290 1.2 – General, Re: Force Majeure (PDF, 77 KB) July 2020
AMC_C291 1.2 – General, Re: Environmental Construction Operations Plan (PDF, 76 KB) July 2020

Standard specifications for bridge construction

Table 8. Specification amendments – Bridge construction

Standard specifications for highway construction

Table 9. Specification amendments – Highway construction

Number Specification amendment Date
AMC_C287 2.7 Underground Electrical Conduits, Re: Csa Standard Update For High Density Polyethylene (Hdpe) Conduit For Electrical Use (DOCX, 30 KB) July 2020
AMC_S276 2.19 King Block Torque Requirements (DOCX, 26 KB) July 2020

Supplemental specifications

Standard specifications for highway construction

Table 10. Supplemental specifications – Highway construction

Number Special Provision Date
  2.11 High Tension Cable Barrier (DOCX, 288 KB) November 2019
  3.4 – Full Depth Reclamation (DOCX, 29 KB)  
  3.56 – Cold In-Place Recycling (DOCX, 31 KB)  
  3.70 – Portland Cement Concrete Pavement – End Product Specification (DOCX, 63 KB) January 2019