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Department Research Reports by Title

Title Primary Author Report No.
3R/4R Guidelines U of A RR- 95/03
A FWD Based SAI Model for Granular Base Asphalt Pavements (v.1), for Full Depth J.T. Christison RR- 96/06
Abrasive Resistant Coating: Elastuff 701, Evaluation of a John Lowe TM- 84/05
AC-04 Silane Coated Glass Beads for Pavement Line Paint John Lowe TB- 86/01
AC-04 Silane Coated Glass Beads, Performance Review D. George TB- 87/02
Accelerated Testing of Low VOC Paint Systems Marcel Chichak PAP 94/02
ACP Cracksealing Practices, National Survey of Marcel Chichak RR- 89/05
Aerosol Paint Remover Evaluation Robert Powers TM- 92/01
Air Photo/Map Storage, Retrieval and Analysis System, Computerized V. Kennedy RR- 90/05
Airborne Laser Terrain Profiling, Evaluation of an M. Huberman RR- 84/09
Alkali Aggregate Reactivity of Selected Alta & Ont. Aggregates D.R. Morgan RR- 92/07
AMSOIL By-Pass and Air Filters, Evaluation of Alan Mah TM- 84/12
Anti-Corrosive Deicing Chemicals Laboratory Testing of Suresh Gurjar, RR- 91/07
Antifreeze Recycling Peter Ing TM- 92/07
Arrowstick Direction Light 2-Light Modules John Lowe TM- 89/08
Asphalt Cements & Mixtures Used in C-SHRP, Low Temp. Properties of Duanyi Wang P. RR- 92/02
Asphalt Membrane Treated Side Slope Embankment: Hwy. 27:10, Early Life J.T. Christison RR- 88/02
Asphalt Pavements, Rehabilitation of Full-Depth M. Kurlanda RR- 88/12
AT & U Expert System Introduction Departmental Strategy Ray Filipiak RR- 91/05
Audit-Sulphur Alan F. Soderb RR- 85/05
Automated Electronic Data Transfer System for Truck Hauls Allan Lo RR- 93/13
Bank Protection Research Phase 1 - Preliminary Phase Helen Tetteh-Wayoe RR- 88/08
Beaver Deterrent Devices for Culvert, Evaluation of Alan Mah TM- 87/10
BIOSOL Organic Fertilizer for Revegetation of Adverse Sites Alan Mah TM- 91/01
Bolted Joints of Corrugated Steel Plate, Behaviour of D.J. Laurie Ken RR- 87/13
Bridge Deck Polymer Overlays, Experience with A. Forbes RR- 86/11
Bridge Deck Repair and Maintenance in ...., Cost Effective Systems of Paul Carter PAP 91/02
Bridge Decks, Methods of Detecting Moisture Content in Marcel Chichak TM- 90/07
Bridge Height Signing Practices D. George TM- 86/05
Bridge Paint Expert System User Documentation Zach Zacharia RR- 90/09
Bridge Rail Delineation Allan Lo TM- 90/04
Bridge Repairs with Steel Fibre Shotcrete Paul Carter PAP -90/02
Bridge Timber Pile Maintenance Robert Mossing RR- 94/04
BRISTAR Demolition Agent, Evaluation of Helen Tetteh-Wayoe TM- 83/12
Calcium Chloride for Winter Maintenance G. Williams TM- 87/03
Cariphalte (Shell) Cracksealer, Evaluation of the Helen Tetteh-Wayoe TM- 83/13
Cement Stabilization of Silty Soils: Literature Search L. Simlote RR- 86/03
Cement-Treated Base Material for Base Course Construction, The use of E.B. Owusu-Ant RR- 86/18
Chip Seal Winter Maintenance Costs Robert Mossing TM- 93/04
Clegg Impact Soil Tester A. Forbes RR- 85/02
Clegg Impact Tester A. Forbes RR- 86/08
CNG Vehicles Peter Ing RR- 93/02
Compaction Testing A. Forbes RR- 85/01
Compressive Strength of Clegg Impact, Correlation of A. Forbes RR- 86/12
Concrete Bridge Decks in Alberta, Preventative Maintenance of Paul Carter PAP 89/01
Concrete Bridges Precast Stringers Type G, Strength of A. Ghali RR- 86/19
Concrete Mixing Temp. on Performance of Superplasticizers, Effect of Colin D. Johnston RR- 93/08
Concrete Patch Evaluation Program, Alberta S. Gurjar RR- 87/05
Concrete Patching Materials to Alberta Transportation and Utilities, Evaluation of Length Change of Paul Carter RR- 92/09
Concrete, Rapid Permeability Testing of Marcel Chichak RR- 92/08
Corrugated Polyethylene Culvert Big, Evaluation of S. Pasquan RR- 87/06
Coverall Visibility Study John Lowe TB- 88/01
Crack Sealant Products (Rout and Sealing), Study of (pdf 5,333K) Joe Filice TM- 05/02
CrackSealer, Methods of Reducing and/or Eliminating need for Removal L. Simlote TM- 86/02
Cracksealing Compounds for Use on Flexible Pavement Structures, Comparative Evaluation of A. Forbes RR- 86/22
Culvert Fish Ways, Experimental Study of N. Rajaratnam RR- 86/17
Culvert Plate Thickness Measuring Device Robert Mossing TM- 90/09
Culvert Repair Evaluation System Bryon Chelak PAP 92/04
Culvert Thawing Device, Conventionally Powered D. O'Brien TM- 84/06
Culvert Thawing System, Generator Powered D. O'Brien TM- 88/01
Culvert Thawing System, Solar Powered D. O'Brien TM- 85/06
Daytime Driving Lights, Evaluation of D. George TM- 86/10
De-Icing Chemicals on Bridge Decks, The Use of Marcel Chichak RR- 89/03
Deicing Chemicals, Literature Search on Alan Mah TM- 86/18
Deicing Chemicals: Sodium Format, Alternate Highway Alan Mah TM- 85/03
Delineation Materials, Testing of Heated Alan Mah TM- 86/04
Design and Operational Considerations to Accommodate Long Combination Vehicles and Log Haul Trucks on Rural Highways in Alberta, Canada Dr. John Morrall RR- 99/03
Different Mode Records John Lowe TB- 90/01
Digital Orthophotomosaic Production Summary Findings Allan Lo TM- 93/02
DMC 8, Evaluation of John Lowe TM- 82/08
Durable Fluorescent Diamond Grade Sheeting (DFDG) for Construction and Maintenance Projects (pdf 2,143K) Joe Filice RR- 98/01
Durable Message Markings, Study of Joe Filice TM- 02/03
DUSDOWN 70 as a Dust Palliative Erosion Control, Use of A. Forbes TM- 86/19
Entac Dust Suppressant Evaluation Marcel Chichak TF- 93/01
Entac Dust Suppressant, Evaluation of Marcel Chichak TM- 92/05
Environment Friendly Solutions to Erosion Control in Alberta Helen Tetteh-Wayoe PAP -91/03
Erosion Control on Alberta Highways A. Forbes RR- 86/21
Erosion Control on Alberta Highways Helen Tetteh-Wayoe RR- 93/06
Erosion Protection with Erosion Control Blankets Alan Mah RR- 91/03
Espar Heater Evaluation John Lowe TM- 82/06
ESPAR Heaters, Product Evaluation of John Lowe TB- 84/02
Evaluate the Performance of Fluorescent Retroreflective Sheeting (Yellow Green) for Chevrons, Study to (pdf 859K) Joe Filice RR 99/04
Expert System Prototype Development, Applicability and Evaluation Zach Zacharia RR- 90/08
Expert Systems in Your Organization, Inexpensive Strategies for Zach Zacharia PAP -92/03
Falling Weight Deflectometer Correlation Study Among: L. Begin RR- 87/11
Fast-Track Bridge Deck Repair Using Pyrament Concrete Marcel Chichak PAP 90/03
Ferranti Inertial Road Surveyor, Evaluation of M. Huberman RR- 83/23
Fiber Reinforced Concrete & Shotcrete for Repair and Restoration Colin D. Johnston PAP 89/03
Fibre Reinforced Pyrament Concrete Overlays Paul Carter PAP 91/01
Fibreglass Guide John Lowe TM- 82/10
Fibreglass Guide Post & Demonstration Project John Lowe TM- 84/11
Fish Swimming Performance Curves Yee-Chung Jin RR- 86/16
Fleet Evaluation of the PED Jan Konarzewski TM- 84/14
Fleet Vehicle Conspicuity (Interim) V. Kennedy TM- 89/03
Fleet Vehicle Engine Wear Using Oil Analysis V. Kennedy TM- 87/05
Flotation Tire Research Study Stantec Consulting Ltd. RR- 99/02
Fly Ash in Concrete, Literature Review on the effects of Ken J.A. Christ RR- 94/05
Fly Ash Utilization in Bridge Works (pdf 4,504K) Colin D. Johnson RR- 96/04
Frost Detection in Highway Grades M. Abt TM- 90/08
Fuels, Alternate John Lowe RR- 90/12
Geogrid Reinforced Clay Slopes, Performance of Liu Yixin RR- 92/04
Geogrids for Soil Reinforcement, Development of Test Procedures and Ma Dr. D.J. Scott RR- 87/15
Gilsonite Asphalt Additive, Evaluation of Marcel Chichak TM- 92/06
Glasphalt Asphalt Concrete Substitute Marcel Chichak TM- 92/04
Global Positioning System, Data Collection using Data Loggers Equipped with Focus Survey RR- 98/03
Global Positioning System, Present Status and Applications of Zach Zacharia TM- 89/05
GPS Demonstration Project: Photogrammetry Ground Control Survey Allan Lo RR- 91/08
GPS Implementations Strategy Allan Lo RR- 92/03
GPS Maintenance Tracking Pilot Project Allan Lo RR- 96/02
GPS Maintenance Tracking Pilot Project (II) Allan Lo RR- 98/02
Graffiti Gobbler for Graffiti Remover, Evaluation of Helen Tetteh-Wayoe TM- 83/14
Gravel Exploration, Remote Sensing for John Lowe TM- 88/02
Ground Penetrating Radar Evaluation Robert Powers TM- 92/03
Hands Free Intercom System for Paint Strippers, Evaluation of John Lowe TM- 82/07
Hard Plastic Traffic Markers Robert Powers TB- 90/02
Harmonization of Spring Weight Restrictions and Winter Weight Premiums for Roads in the Prairie Region Alan Clayton

Robyn McGregor

RR 01/01
Height Measuring D. O'Brien TM- 83/24
High Intensity Reflective Sheeting, Performance Review D. George TB- 86/04
High Speed Road Test Equipment, Integrated V. Kennedy RR- 88/10
Highway Advisory Radio System Test Project Rick Kowalik TM- 99/01
Highway Advisory Radio System - Alberta Experience Ron Stoski TM- 00/05
Hobi Animal Warning Device D. George TB- 86/02
Hot-Applied Polymer-Modified Crack Sealer use in Alberta Marcel Chichak RR- 93/10
Husky PMA and Hydrotech 6160-6165 Crack Sealers, Field Evaluation of Marcel Chichak RR- 90/16
Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project, Final Technical Report D. Checkel RR- 93/12
Hydrodemolition for Concrete Removal on Bridge Decks John Lowe TM- 86/08
IBM PC Data Transfer D. O'Brien TM- 84/09
Ice Indicating Device John Lowe TB- 84/01
Illum-O-Rail Evaluation Allan Lo TM- 90/05
Image Archiving/Retrieval Measurement Subsystem V. Kennedy RR- 89/06
Infrared Overheight Detection System D. O'Brien TM- 84/13
Infrared thermography to Measure Bridge Deck Delaminations D. Solomon TM- 86/12
Instachain - Pushbutton Snowchain T. Mikulski TM- 84/04
Integrating GPS into a Videolog System Allan Lo RR- 95/04
Interchange Performance D. Solomon RR- 86/07
Intersection Pavement Marking Study Allan Lo RR- 92/05
Inventory Criteria for Historic Bridges on Alberta's Transportation Network Marcel Chichak RR- 93/07
Janridge Barriers for Ditch Erosion Control Alan Mah TM- 92/08
Jet/Air 300 Torch L. Simlote TM- 85/02
Joint Study of Road Marking Retroreflectivity and Highway Paint Durability Ted Harrison TM- 99/02
Kinematic Positioning and Attitude Dr. K.P. Schwar RR- 91/04
Larame 35, Product D. O'Brien TB- 84/03
Laser Survey Systems Evaluation, Reflectorless Zach Zacharia TB- 89/02
Lignosulfonates and the Environment Alan Mah TM- 89/02
Lignosulfonates, Draft Specification for the Supply of Marcel Chichak RR- 90/13
Liners Within Existing Culverts, Installation of Plastic Pipes as B. Hunter RR- 90/03
Log Truck Turning Template and Acceleration Study Felix Jesualexander RR- 92/06
Loop Detector Systems, Evaluation of Helen Tetteh-Wayoe TM- 83/26
Low temperature Properties of Asphalt Cements & Mixtures Duanyi Wang PAP 93/02
Low Temperature Transverse Cracking Study in Alberta D. Palsat RR- 86/20
M & F Road Stabilizer, Evaluation of Helen Tetteh-Wayoe RR- 82/02
Measurement Accura, Field Verification of Equipment D. George TM- 87/07
Mini Texture Meter (MTM) Peter Ing TM- 92/10
Mobile Highway Inventory System G. Williams RR- 86/04
Moisture in Bridge Decks, Methods for Detecting C.L. Tipple RR- 88/06
NK 1203, Distance Measuring Equipment: Fleet Performance Review John Lowe TM- 85/01
NK-1203 Digital Speed Display on Roadliner Paint Machine, Evaluation Jan Konarzewski TM- 83/20
No-Passing Pennant Evaluation Study, Alberta Allan Lo RR- 84/07
Nu Salt Road Deicer Alan Mah TM- 89/07
OECD Workshop on Knowledge-based expert systems in Transportation Zach Zacharia PAP 92/05
Optical Disk Information Storage V. Kennedy TM- 88/03
Organic De-Tarring Compound Evaluations Mark Abt TM- 91/02
Paint Flow, Metering System for V. Kennedy TB- 87/07
Paint Machine Intercom System D. O'Brien TM- 85/05
Paint Machines, Temperature Monitoring of D. O'Brien TM- 87/11
Paint Systems for use on Steel Bridges Test Program to Approve John Inch RR- 94/07
Pavement Highway Inventory, Evaluation of D. O'Brien TM- 86/07
Pavement Marking Materials Bryan Petzold PAP 93/03
Pavement Stripe Removal System: High Temperature, Development & Testimony John Lowe TM- 83/21
Permanent Deformation Characteristics of ACP, A Study of C.T. McMillan RR- 88/13
Petrographic Analysis for Assessing Aggregate Quality Alan Mah RR- 94/06
Petroleum Economy Device, Evaluation of Jan Konarzewski RR- 82/03
Pile Driving Analyses Testing, Proposed Test, Dynamic Trow Geotechni RR- 86/13
Plus Ride Asphalt T. Carter RR- 87/14
Polyethylene Culvert, Field Evaluation of Corrugated Marcel Chichak RR- 90/15
Portable Camera Mount A. Yee TB- 85/04
Portable Rumble Devices Peter Ing TF- 93/03
Portable Rumble Devices Peter Ing TM- 93/01
Portable Rumble Strip for Speed Reduction in Construction, Evaluation John Lowe TM- 82/09
Portable Rumble Strip for Speed Reduction in Construction, Evaluation John Lowe TM- 83/15
Prismo Optical Pointer for Paint Machines D. O'Brien TM- 85/04
Propane Vehicle Evaluation Jan Konarzewski TM- 84/07
PYPRR Degreaser/Cleaner, Evaluation of B. Hunter TM- 90/06
Raised Pavement Markers, Evaluation of John Lowe TM- 82/04
Raybinder for Dust Abatement on Gravel Roads, Evaluation of A. Forbes RR- 86/10
Recycled Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Data Bank for K. Hadipour RR- 86/15
Recycled Plastic Posts Peter Ing TF- 93/02
Recycled Plastic Posts Peter Ing TM- 92/09
Recycled Plastic Guardrail Posts for use in Flexible, Longitudinal Roadside (WeakPost) Barrier Ted Harrison TM 00/01
Recycled Tire Rubber in Asphalt Concrete Pavements, the Use of EBA Engineering RR- 94/03
Recycling Asphalt K.O. Anderson RR- 81/01B
Recycling Asphalt Pavements in Alberta, Guidelines for K.O. Anderson RR- 81/01A
Recycling Sign Line John Lowe TM- 89/04
Reflection Cracking of Asphalt Concrete Overlays L. Simlote RR- 86/02
Reflectorless Laser Survey Systems Evaluation Zach Zacharia TM- 89/03
Reinforced Soil Slope, Behaviour of a R.J. Chalturny RR- 88/01
RejuvaSeal Demonstration Project, Entwistle, Alberta Ted Harrison TM 00/02
Repellents for Caribou W. Kent Brown RR- 97/01
Research & Development and Technology Transfer Direction, Review of Alberta Transportation and Utilities Research Vision RR- 97/02
Retractable Pavement Marker: Animotion Inc. Model "EZC" John Lowe TB- 87/06
Road Related Research Benefit in Alberta Through Tech Transfer, Maximizing Jan Konarzewski PAP 93/01
Road Structure for Light Traffic, Salvageable A. Forbes TM- 86/15
Road Test Equipment (High Speed), Part II - Semi Automated Pavement Distress Mapping System V. Kennedy RR- 90/04
Roadside Management: Vegetation Control within the Highway Right-of-way A. Stewart RR- 86/06
Rout and Seal Crack Maintenance (Product Performance) Robert Mossing RR- 95/02
Rubber Blade Inserts for Snowplow Peter Ing TM- 91/06
Runaway Truck Arrester System Study Edward E.S. Jo RR- 81/02
Rust Protection of Vehicles, Evaluation of Alan Mah TM- 86/17
Rutting, Temperature Effect on Ray Filipiak TM- 87/06
Salt, Use of Straight Alan Mah TM- 87/08
Salt/Sand Metering Devices, Evaluation of G. Williams TM- 84/10
Sand/Salt Application Rates for Winter Maintenance in Alberta Alan Mah RR- 91/02
Sand/Salt Metering Devices, Interprovincial G. Williams TM- 86/03
Sandvik Grader Blade System Used, Evaluation of the Ian Baird RR- 87/09
Sandvik 2000 Grader Blade System, Evaluation of D.M. Dewald RR- 87/04
Scan 16-EF Ice Detection system Near Fort Saskatchewan, Evaluation of Allan Lo RR- 88/09
Scan System and its Potential for Expansion, Review of Current Allan Lo RR- 88/11
Sealers for Concrete Bridge Elements, Evaluation of Edgar Kottke RR- 87/07
Sealers on Concrete Bridge Decks, Use of Penetrating Paul Carter PAP 89/02
Service Life Prediction of Protective Systems for Concrete Bridge Decks in Alberta James Skeet RR- 94/01
Sharp Shoulder Delineation, Products for D. George RR- 86/14
Sheeting Material Requirements for Non-Illuminated Overhead Signs, Demonstration Project Ted Harrison TM 00/04
Shotcrete Rehabilitation Treatment of Bridges in Canada, Durability of D.R. Morgan PAP 92/06
Shoulders for Highway, Non-Paved L. Simlote RR- 85/06
Side Friction Factors for Horizontal Curves Dr John Morrall RR- 93/14
Silica Fume and Fly Ash Material Concrete by Alberta Transportation and Utilities, Testing and Use of Paul Carter PAP 92/07
Silica Fume Concrete Colin D. Johnston RR- 88/04
Silica Fume Concrete for High-Strength Precast Prestressed Bridges Colin D. Johnston PAP 89/06
Silica Fume Concrete for High Strength Precast Prestressed Bridges, Durability Colin D. Johnston PAP 89/05
Silica Fume Concrete, Durability of High Early Strength Colin D. Johnston PAP 92/02
Silicone in Hot Mix Asphalt concrete, The Use of Marcel Chichak TB- 89/01
Skid Resistant Road Surface Treatment K. Fitzpatrick RR- 87/08
Skid Resistant Road Surface Treatments Marcel Chichak RR- 89/04
Slope Protection Research Bolter Parish Trimble RR- 85/04
Snow and Ice Control, Backsloping for I. Perich TM- 90/02
Snowplow Blade Specifications, Review of John Lowe TM- 83/22
Snowplow Flagging Materials, Product Evaluation John Lowe TM- 84/01
Snowplow Study, Underbody Allan Lo TM- 90/03
Snowplow Vehicle Conspicuity (Final) V. Kennedy TM- 90/01
Snowplow Wing Peter Ing TM- 92/02
Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers, Evaluation of John Lowe TM- 84/08
Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers, Study of Joe Filice TM- 02/06
Snowplow Rear Lighting Research Project (23,676 K pdf) Darcy Paulichuk RR- 05/01
Sodium Formate and Sodium Chloride on Concrete, The Effect of D.R. Sikhrani RR- 86/05
Soil Bio-Engineering Biotechnical Erosion Control Research Project D. Snider RR- 87/16
Soil Moisture Blocks, Calibration of S. Pasquan TM- 86/16
Soil-Bioengineering Demonstration Project in Alberta Helen Tetteh-Wayoe RR- 94/02
Solar Assisted Infrared Overheight Detection System D. O'Brien TM- 86/14
Sonic Tape for Distance Measurement, Evaluation of D. O'Brien TM- 84/15
Special Products Evaluation Listing, Alberta Marcel Chichak RR- 90/07
Stamark Materials/Stimsonite 947 for, Evaluation of John Lowe TM- 86/09
Static Load Test of Modified SPCSP Arch on Steeprock Creek D. O'Brien RR- 87/12
Steel & Polypropylene Filaments, Comparative Evaluation of D.C. Johnston RR- 86/01
Stimsonite Model 965 Retro-Reflective Guardrail Markers John Lowe TB- 85/02
Stimsonite Pavement Markers for Safety Related Delineation, Evaluation D. George TB- 86/05

Stratagrid Pavement Reinforcement

Study of Waterbourne Cold Temp Low VOC Traffic Paint

Jim Gavin

Joe Filice





Sub-surface Radar Techniques of Pavement, Applications of John Lowe RR- 87/03
Superpave Pavement Permeability Study EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd. RR- 01/02
Superplasticizers for Concrete Bridge Construction Colin D. Johnston RR- 93/01
Survey Check of Barrier Line Accuracy John Lowe TM- 83/25
Suspended Crack Sealing on Pavement Service Life, Consequences of Marcel Chichak RR- 93/11
System 400 Pavement Marking Material, Evaluation of S. Pasquan TM- 87/01
T.V. Guidance for Paint Machines, Provision of Jan Konarzewski TM- 83/18
T.V. Guidance System Upgrade M. Abt TM- 89/06
Tanaka Power Augers John Lowe TB- 85/01
Tandem Axle Sanding Truck/Pup Trailer Sander V. Kennedy TM- 89/01
Techwest Accelerometer for Pavement Roughness Measurement L. Begin (Mater) TB- 87/05
TENSAR Geotextile Material for Erosion Control, Evaluation of Alan Mah RR- 84/11
TENSAR Snow Fence, Evaluation of Alan Mah RR- 84/08
TENSAR Snow Fence, Evaluation of Helen Tetteh-Wayoe TM- 82/11
TENSAR SS2 Geogrid Material for Embankments, Evaluation of L. Simlote RR- 85/03
The Repellency of Three Compounds to Caribou Kent Brown RR- 99/01
Thermo Batteries - Product Evaluation G. Williams TB- 86/03
Thermo -Electrically Powered Flashing Warning Lights D. George TM- 87/02
Thermopatch Field Trial Alan Mah RR- 93/09
Thermopatch Field Trial Alan Mah TF- 93/04
Thin Polymer Wearing Surfaces for Preventive Maintenance of Bridge Decks Paul Carter PAP 90/01
Three Beam Guardrail System: Field Demonstration John Lowe TM- 86/01
Tire Sealant - Product Evaluation John Lowe TB- 85/03
Traffic Control for Stop and Go Testing Operations S. Khalil RR- 88/07
Traffic Markings: Phase 1 - Literature Review Helen Tetteh-Wayoe RR- 84/05
Traffic Markings: Phase 11 - Thermoplastic Trial Helen Tetteh-Wayoe RR- 84/06
Transportation Research in Canada Jan Konarzewski PAP 90/05
Transwave Distance Measuring Computer Model NK-12031, Evaluation of the D. O'Brien TM- 83/19
Truck Arrester Beds (Performance Review) Peter Ing TM- 91/05
Two Lane Highway Level of Service and Simulation Dr. John Morrall RR- 87/10
Two O'Clock Creek Culvert Thawing Device E. Hildebrand RR- 87/01
Two O'Clock Creek Culvert Thawing Device Evaluation E. Hildebrand RR- 87/02
Use of Spray Patching to Minimize Reflective Cracking Ron Stoski TM- 98/04
Validation and Revision of Asphalt Concrete Mix Type Selection and Characteristics Study (3,028K pdf) EBA Engineering TM- 02/01
Vehicle Inspection Stations, Lighting Standards and Alternatives for D. George TB- 87/03
Vehicle Retrofit - Evaluation of Condensator Jan Konarzewski TM- 82/05
Vehicle Speed Governing System for Paint Machines D. Solomon TM- 86/06
Vehicle Tracking Systems for Barrier Line Placement Mark Abt TB- 91/01
Vehicle Tracking Systems for Barrier Line Placement Mark Abt TM- 94/01
Vehicle Weight Legislation on Pavements in Alberta, Impact of Changes in K.O. Anderson PAP 92/01
Vehicular Speed Display, Evaluation of a Portable J. Lowe TM- 84/03
Video Position analyzer: VPA1000 D. Solomon TM- 86/13
Video-Conferencing Expansion Feasibility Study for Alberta Transportation and Utilities Ray Filipiak TM- 91/03
Visit by the Canadian Delegation to European Road Research Facilities M. Harmelink PAP 90/04
W/CM Code Requirements Inappropriate for Resist to Deicer Salt Scaling Colin D. Johnston PAP 94/01

Walk-Behind Paint Stripper, Evaluation of

John Lowe



Waterborne Highway Traffic Paint, Study of Joe Filice TM- 03/01
Waterproofing & Durability Performance Concrete, Comparative Evaluation Sealers A. Forbes RR- 86/09
WAXOYL and RUST STOP anti-Rust Compounds Alan Mah TB- 87/01
Weather Forecasting Service, Demonstration of a Allan Lo TM- 93/03
Weather Forecasting Systems Allan Lo TM- 91/04
Weigh-In-Motion Data, Installation and Operation of John Lowe RR- 83/17
Weigh-In-Motion System, Evaluation of John Lowe RR- 88/03
Weigh-In-Motion/Automatic Identification Project, Alberta Allan Lo RR- 90/11
Wet Film Thickness of Waterborne Paint, Performance of Various Joe Filice TM- 04/05
Wetlands an Overview June Rainey RR- 93/05
Wildlife Warning Reflectors Alan Mah RR- 89/08
Winter Maintenance Practices to Functional Roadway Classification, Relating G. Williams TM- 87/04
Work Zone Intrusion Alarm Peter Ing TM- 94/03
Worksite Safety, Product Evaluation: John Lowe TM- 84/02