Some documents on this site require Acrobat Reader 4.0 or better, available for free from Adobe. Technology transfer may be defined as the movement of technological and technology-related know-how among users, stakeholders, partners, and educational institutions.

The goal of technology transfer is to enhance the skills and knowledge of staff, partners and stakeholders. The goal is achieved through the coordination and sharing of the following: research, technical expertise and advice, training, technical publications and materials, and services.

Some objectives of technology transfer are to:

  • Seek out technologies used elsewhere and to evaluate these technologies to see if they have promise for use in Alberta
  • Facilitate the adaptation and use of innovative technologies
  • Promote and facilitate the implementation of research results
  • Provide access to resources and facilitate training so stakeholders can use resources efficiently and effectively
  • Reduce the time between the conclusion of research and use of findings; and
  • Share information on developments that promote the use of innovative technology where appropriate
  • Support the Centre for Transportation Engineering and Planning (C-TEP) in research and development to continually improve roadways in Alberta through contract services

Technology Transfer Activities include links to: