Strategic technology partnerships are fostered between advanced technology enterprises and Alberta’s innovation system. These partnerships:

  • drive knowledge economy growth
  • attract innovation investments
  • accelerate diversification
  • enhance economic, social and environmental outcomes, including:
    • strategic science and technology partnerships with multinational enterprises and jurisdictions
    • pre-commercial technology development support
    • innovation targeted investment attraction
    • technology sector development of Alberta’s Information and Communications Technology, Life Sciences and Emerging Technology (including Clean Technology) sectors



Through grants to organizations within Alberta’s innovation system, Economic Development and Trade leverages investments of large enterprises, the federal government and organizations from other jurisdictions. These investments support the commercialization of technologies from Alberta companies, and builds innovation capacity in targeted areas.


GreenSTEM is a pan-Alberta pilot program to support the creation of new cleantech companies and high-tech entrepreneurial development. Learn more about the program and how to apply.


For further information about available funding, or partnerships we have in place, contact:

Brent Lakeman
Executive Director
Phone: 780-643-6511
Email: brent.lakeman@gov.ab.ca