This electronic service is meant to be a simplified guide to certain parts of the acts and regulations, and not a substitute for them.

Alberta Transportation, Transport Engineering Branch, is not responsible for any omissions in the following documents. It is the responsibility of the transporter to consult the regulations for the exact requirements before moving shipments.

Alberta Transportation permits the movement of vehicles with a steering axle weight exceeding legal weights as per Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation AR315/2002 on Bed, Picker and Winch Trucks and vehicles with Permanently Mounted Fixed Equipment.

In order to obtain a permit the vehicle must qualify to exceed the legal weight allowances; a completed specification sheet and government weigh scale ticket is required.

A 30 day, temporary permit may be issued to allow time to obtain a government weigh ticket.

Click on one of the links below to obtain a copy of the specification sheet for your type of vehicle.

When the sheet has been filled out, fax a copy along with a government weigh scale ticket to the Central Permit Office at 403-340-5278.

Tridem drive vehicles require an equipment exemption permit. A tridem drive vehicle is not legal for operation in Alberta. An equipment exemption permit is required to legalize its use and provide dimension and axle weights "equivalent to legal". View a copy of the tridem drive permit conditions (PDF, 78 KB).

For additional information relating to the contents of this page, contact the Central Permit Office at 1-800-662-7138.