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Nate Glubish


October 2, 2020



Cybercriminals are becoming savvier. They are learning new ways to access your information and money. The only way to stay ahead is to stay informed.

I’m sure we’ve all received an email from a “lawyer” asking for a small legal fee so they can transfer a multimillion-dollar inheritance from a long-lost family member living on another continent. These scams are easy to spot and have become the cliché example of cyber crimes.

But what about an SMS scam that looks like it’s coming from your service provider? Or a job scam? Can you spot a spoofed website before making a purchase? As cyberattacks become more advanced, they become harder to identify before it’s too late.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and I encourage everyone to take stock of their online habits and brush up on the latest scams.

Throughout the month, the Consumer Protection Alberta Facebook page and the Service Alberta Twitter account will share practical tips and advice to help you navigate the increasingly complicated digital landscape. Check in often for tips on phone, computer, smart device and network safety.

Anyone looking for more in-depth information may wish to complete our online courses on phishing and social engineering, malware and ransomware, and secure passwords, all developed by Service Alberta’s Cybersecurity Services team.

This unit leads cybersecurity efforts for the Government of Alberta – a tall order in these times. Their efforts mean that, despite world-wide spikes in cyberattacks due to COVID-19, Albertans can be confident that government systems holding their personal information are secure, safe to use, and maintain privacy of their information.

The Cybersecurity Services team employs leading practices to identify, assess, treat, and manage threats to government IT systems and infrastructure. They also work with other jurisdictions to strengthen and refine their practices, so they can stay ahead of cybercriminals.

Take a page out of their cybersecurity manual this October. Review your cybersecurity habits, refresh your approach, and learn new skills to help you stay safe online.

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    Nate Glubish

    Nate Glubish served as Minister of Service Alberta from April 30, 2019 to October 24, 2022.