Smoking is one of the leading causes of fires. Cigarettes or other materials not properly extinguished can smolder undetected for days before bursting into flames.

These fires can start when plant pots and other easy-to-ignite materials are used as ashtrays or when cigarettes are carelessly discarded.


  • If you smoke, do it outside.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings when smoking. If you are sleepy, have taken medication that causes drowsiness, or consumed alcohol, you are at higher risk for starting a smoking-related fire.
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Never smoke where medical oxygen is used.

Smoking materials

Smoking materials include the following:

  • tobacco
  • cannabis
  • matches
  • lighters
  • e-cigarettes

Discarding smoking materials

  • Always use a deep, non-combustible, sturdy ashtray to extinguish smoking materials.
  • Never extinguish smoking materials in plant pots.
  • Never throw cigarettes into vegetation, landscaping, peat moss, dried grass, mulch, leaves, garbage and other similar items.
  • Never throw smoking materials outside a vehicle window.
  • Make sure matches and cigarette butts in ashtrays are wet before you put them in a garbage container.

For more information on the right way to discard smoking materials, including inside multi-family buildings, please visit the City of Edmonton’s Stub it Right, Don’t Ignite webpage.


Keep cigarettes, lighters, matches and other smoking materials out of the reach of children.


If you want to quit smoking, call, text or visit AlbertaQuits at 1-866-710-7848 (QUIT).


Download our poster and graphics to share online and in your community to help prevent fires caused by smoking materials.

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