Bicycle lanes

Reserved bicycle lane ahead
Reserved bicycle lane ahead

Bicycle lanes are painted in the curb lane of the road with bicycle-shaped stencils and street signage. Bicycle lanes can also be positioned beside a row of parking spots. Vehicles are not allowed to drive in the bicycle lanes, except when needing to turn or enter/exit a parking spot. The bicycle lane paint line is usually dashed near corners to indicate that it is permitted to enter the bicycle lane to turn right. Be very careful and watch for bicycles when entering the bicycle lane when turning.

Lane reserved for cyclists
This lane is reserved for cyclists. It is separated from traffic and parking by solid white lines and is marked with an image of a bicycle and diamond.
Cyclists in same lane as drivers
The image of a bicycle capped by a pair of arrows guides cyclists and reminds drivers to expect cyclists in the same travel lane.

X markings

X markings indicate a railway crossing ahead
X markings on rural highways indicate the approach to a railway crossing. An advanced warning sign will also indicate the approach to a railway crossing.

Painted island

Painted islands indicate that this area is not to be used for travel by any road users. Motorists can cross painted islands for the purpose of entering or leaving a driveway, alleyway or private drive.

Painted island - do not park or stop here
Do not park or stop in this area.