Photo of Shane Getson

Shane Getson was appointed the parliamentary secretary for Economic Corridors on October 24, 2022.

Shane is a resident of Parkland County for over 10 years, husband of 16 years and a father of 4. He was the owner of Major Projects Consulting Company, a civil engineering technologist and a private pilot.

Shane was raised on a mixed farming operation (cattle, custom pasturing, logging and sawmill) west of Chip Lake and went to Niton Central High School, K to 12.

His grandfather came ‘out west’ from Prince Edward Island in about 1918 to the Chip Lake area, and was involved in the UFA, Co-operators Insurance and Black Angus Cattle. He was known by his friends and neighbours as the guy you went to when you needed help getting things done.

His grandmother was from Pincher Creek, daughter of an officer of the British military whom was also an Electrical Engineer for the town of Pincher Creek. She and Shane’s grandfather met at a social event, at the time of the Second World War. They raised their family on the farm, and were a part of the community all of their lives. Shane’s grandmother was heavily involved in the legion, and various women’s leagues.

Shane was fortunate to be raised on a farm. It taught him that things are not easy, hard work does pay off, and you reap what you sow. It was that work ethic that allowed him to work his way through college, graduate as a civil engineering technologist, work his way up through organizations, start his own business, and work on major projects in North America. Major projects taught Shane all of the skills that involved working with high performance teams, and to be able to work through challenges together to reach a common goal.

Shane and his wife chose to live in the parkland area for all the opportunities it has, and to be able to raise their family in a safe, clean and prosperous environment, so that they too can achieve their dreams. Shane wants to give back as his grandparents did, to make things better for their community, and their families.